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Django Stars

Custom Python/Django Development Online Housing Platform

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Project summary: 

Django Stars salvaged an online reservation platform after a previous vendor failed to complete the build. They continue to perform upgrades and enhancements and lend their skill to new projects.

Feedback summary: 

Users responded enthusiastically to the new site’s intuitive design and functional interface. The development experience was also positive, mainly due to Django Stars' responsiveness and straightforward management. The team delivered milestones on schedule and kept lines of communication open.

"They performed very well and consistently exceeded my expectations."


Could you describe your organization?

The business is an online reservation platform that connects property owners with potential tenants. It's currently running here in the Ukraine, but our goal is to expand globally, if possible. 

You're the founder, correct?

Yes. It's my business. 


Could you describe the business challenges that you were attempting to address when you first approached Django Stars?

The whole thing began when we hired a different company to develop our website. I had a terrible experience with this first vendor. In fact, I even got into legal proceedings with them during the work. After that, I knew I needed to find another vendor to salvage my website. I found Django Stars through some online research. Based on their website, I felt like that might be a good choice for my site. I reached out to them with my project description and received a proposal within a few days. I admit that I was impressed with what they had to offer, and it seemed like their process was just much more transparent than that of my previous vendor. 


Could you describe the scope of work delivered?

It was custom design and development, some testing, and maintenance and support. I basically gave them direction and they'd go ahead and build it out for me. 

When was this completed?

It isn't really complete. The site is live but we have continuous projects with them. They're always performing upgrades and enhancements to the site, both cosmetic and functional. The site is very dynamic. 


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback you've received that would demonstrate the quality of their work?

I don't have any exact figures in front of me, but I can tell you that the reception has been nothing but positive. We've already received a number of compliments about the site design and how much more fluid the entire thing is. Outside of that, they were always on time with their deliverables, and they remained in constant communication with me. It was an overall very positive experience, especially in the aftermath of the first engagement with my previous vendor.

When working with Django Stars, is there anything you'd consider unique about their approach or development methodology that distinguish them from other vendors?

Their responsiveness and process transparency are the first two things that come to mind. I found myself consistently frustrated with my other vendor because I felt like I didn't always know what was going on and I wasn't receiving timely updates. Django Stars never kept me in the dark, even when things would arise, they'd always update me on their progress. It's all about effective project management, which they have. 

In retrospect, are there areas in which you think Django Stars could improve as a service provider?

Not that I'm aware of, no. They performed very well and consistently exceeded my expectations. 


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