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Custom Firefox App Development Small IT Consultancy

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Project summary: 

QNIUM worked on the server synchronization, user authorizations, code development using JavaScript, and database configuration and management as required in the customized Firefox plug-in development project.

Feedback summary: 

QNIUM successfully delivered the plug-in with outstanding quality, and with no defects. The app received positive feedback and high usage rates. The team was recommended to have additional creative talent, nonetheless, they displayed professionalism, consistency, and responsiveness.

"They communicate very well and very consistently." 


Could you briefly describe your company?

I’m a one-person entrepreneur, and I develop custom software. I rely a lot on other companies, freelancers who provide code or solutions for me. I formulate the idea or the concept, and I then find others to encode it for me. That’s how I run my operation. It’s called Turtle Solutions.


Could you describe the business challenges you were attempting to address when you initiated the relationship with QNIUM?

I needed a custom Firefox plug-in developed. I had no experience in developing Firefox plug-ins myself. This is a paid Firefox application that I needed them to do. We’ve been working together for a couple of years now. They seem to respond well to my requests. They maintain a schedule pretty well, and they deliver quality code.


How did you select QNIUM as your solution partner for this endeavor?

I found them through oDesk, which is basically a freelancer portal. I’ve worked with other freelancers and other companies before, too. After a while, I realized that QNIUM was more reliable that many of their counterparts. If we have an arrangement, they honor it. They’re very professional in that manner. 

Could you describe the scope of this particular project?

There was some substantial coding for the plug-in itself in JavaScript, database configuration, authorization for users, and some database management and set up. They also set up the server that the plug-in can sync with.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in monetary terms? 

I’ve invested approximately $50,000.

When was this project completed?

Our first version went live in June of last year [2013].


In terms of results, could you share any statistics, metrics, or user feedback that would demonstrate the effectiveness of the work that they’ve delivered?

The user feedback I’ve received so far been very positive. The plug-in solves the problem that people run into very effectively. It has a daily high download, retention, and usage rate with users. I’ve gotten a sizable amount of great reviews.

When working with QNIUM, is there anything you would consider special or unique about their approach or methodology that differentiates them from other vendors you’ve used in the past?

Their professionalism really stands out for me. It’s very basic stuff like being able to maintain an agreed upon schedule. If something changes, they will send you an email. They communicate very well and very consistently. When you outsource development to different countries in which English isn’t their native language, it can be challenging to establish and maintain communication. Sometimes, it’s a cultural thing, and other times it has to do with logistics. Either way, it can be a very difficult experience to deal with. QNIUM isn’t like that. 

In retrospect, are there areas you think that they could improve upon as a service provider, or are there things that you’d do differently as the client before initiating a project with QNIUM?

My only recommendation would be some additional creative talent on their end. Although that’s really my job in this relationship. They’re very technically savvy there, which is why I utilize them. That’s the only area I could see they need to improve upon, but it’s not really a part of their wheelhouse anyway. 


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