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Custom Development for Security Surveillance Provider

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Project summary: 

The client hired CabForward to assist with their migration to a new system.

Feedback summary: 

CabForward pleased the client by completing the project within the allotted timeframe and budget. The agency was recognized for their professionalism and excellent communication. There were no complaints and CabForward is recommended to others.

"They [CabForward] executed what we had them do flawlessly. It was a good experience, and I would not mind having more projects like that."


Please describe your organization.

We're located in Austin, Texas, and we are primarily a security surveillance provider.

What are your position and responsibilities?

I manage three departments: technical support, IT [information technology] infrastructure, and professional services.


What business challenge were you trying to address with CabForward?

Essentially, we had some critical business systems that were outdated. I knew CabForward had some experience working with that particular business component, so I reached out to them. We wanted to migrate to a newer system, to one that wasn't so outdated. They were able to help us with that.


How did you come to work with CabForward?

I was very fortunate to have known about them from my predecessor, but I actually had a couple of additional choices of some other people who my predecessor had worked with as well. When I contacted the people at CabForward, they proved awesome to work with, so I had a pretty high level of confidence that they could get done what we needed them to do.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

We've spent somewhere in the range of $10,000 working with CabForward.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with them about three months ago [May 2015]. It was kind of an ad-hoc project, but they completed it before the deadline. I would definitely work with them in the future if I had another project come up.


Could you share any statistics, metrics, or other feedback from this engagement?

The work was done flawlessly. The professionalism was there, and the communication was there. They brought a person onsite who did a terrific job. He kept us abreast of what was going on, and he was phenomenal. Everything got done right, which is the most important thing.

What distinguishes CabForward from other providers?

They were fun to work with. CabForward got the job done on time and on budget, which is the most important thing. We got everything out of the project that we expected. 

Is there anything CabForward could have improved or done differently?

They executed what we had them do flawlessly. It was a good experience, and I would not mind having more projects like that.


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