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Custom App Development for IT Consultancy

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Average: 4.5 (1 vote)

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SteelKiwi has been a partner on a variety of projects, including Android development, DSS, HTML, and Django-Python. They have also consulted on a booking engine and new VPN service.

Feedback summary: 

SteelKiwi is responsive, transparent, and makes sure that they are constantly available to answer questions. A point of improvement for SteelKiwi would be to have a more consistent skill level among their developers.

"The people at Steel Kiwi say what they do, and do what they say."


Please provide a description of your company.

Our company provides a number of IT [information technology]-related services, many are focused on Web and mobile development, but we also have VPN [virtual private network]-related services.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I’m the founder.


What was your goal for working with SteelKiwi Development?

We run our own projects but, sometimes, we are either overloaded or take on projects that encompass tasks we do not have the ability to complete. We have approached SteelKiwi to augment our staff on a number of these high-level projects.


Please describe the scope of their work.

We’ve hired their developers to assist us on a variety of projects including Android development, DSS, HTML, and Django-Python. More recently, they’ve consulted with us on a booking engine as well as a new VPN service.

What was your process for selecting SteelKiwi Development with which to work?

I discovered them through my own online research. I requested a test job, and they did very well with it. We’ve worked with them for a couple years now, and we have active projects with them.

Can you provide a ballpark dollar or time estimate for the size of the work that they’ve done for you?

At least 3,000 work hours in total.


What were the results of the project?

All our projects with SteelKiwi, up to this point, have reached successful conclusions. The people at Steel Kiwi say what they do, and do what they say. I wish all companies acted this way.

We have several ongoing projects with SteelKiwi, which speaks to the fact that we are satisfied with the work they’ve provided for us in the past.

Do you have any statistics or metrics to track improvement from the project?

It's hard to give you metrics since this is all project-based work.

Is there anything unique about them that really makes them stand out, compared to other companies?

I think Steel Kiwi is fantastic with Python-Django framework. I think it’s one of the best things they do, and I’ve had problems with other developers in terms of skills with Python-Django.

In addition, their response rate and availability is fantastic. Several times, we changed the goals or schedule of a project, but it was never a problem for them even if it required them to work outside normal business hours.

Looking back on the work so far, is there any area that you think they could improve upon or something that you might do differently?

I think there is some inconsistency in the skill levels of their developers. Sometimes, we’re working with a developer who is doing great, but then they switch him out and it causes us to lose some time in the project.


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