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Cartesian Consulting

CRM Development for Skin Clinic

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Cartesian Consulting provides a variety of services for the client including CRM efforts, data analytics work, marketing decision making, and customer loyalty program management.

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Cartesian Consulting succeeds as the client’s partner by helping them achieve their goals; as a result of the agency’s efforts, the client’s customer retention is excellent. Cartesian Consulting is praised for their outstanding work.

‎"Cartesian Consulting is outstanding on analytics. They have a real understanding of loyalty and analytical strength."


Please describe your organization.

We are a specialty retail skin care company in India and the Middle East. We started 14 years ago in India. We have about 170 locations across India spanning all of our services and products.

What is your position?

I am the vice president of marketing and head of new business.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Cartesian Consulting?

My company really wants to manage consumer behavior. It's all about directing consumer behavior, increasing the frequency of the purchase value of each consumer. We started working with Cartesian Consulting on a CRM [customer relationship management] program about six or seven years ago. That CRM project gradually evolved into a customer loyalty effort. Our loyalty program is now a well-run and established dealer-based, point-based effort.


Please describe the scope of their involvement.

Cartesian helps us manage our customer loyalty program, CRM efforts, and overall data analytics work. They aid decision making based on discounts, promotions, spending, and so on.

How did you come to work with Cartesian Consulting?

There are various kinds of CRM and loyalty agencies. We ended up short-listing two of the bigger agencies in India. The reason for selecting Cartesian was their analytical ability and the quality of their people. Cartesian had deep expertise in launching some similar loyalty programs and provides high-quality resources in terms of analytics.

What is the status of this engagement?

I have been with the firm for three years, but we have been working with Cartesian for about six. We are still working with them.


Could you share any statistics, metrics, or other feedback from this engagement?

Our business model is very much dependent on identifying our most valuable consumers – high net worth individuals – and targeting them. We know one standard metric is retention of our customers. That is about 74 percent, which we consider very good for this industry.

How did Cartesian Consulting perform from a project management standpoint?

They are good at sticking to the budget. Cartesian Consulting is outstanding on analytics. I would say, as far as timeliness, they are good.

What distinguishes Cartesian Consulting from other providers?

They have a real understanding of loyalty and analytical strength. Very few in India have that ability of conceptualizing and driving a loyalty program and the related analytics.

Is there anything Cartesian Consulting could have improved or done differently?

Not really. They promised and they delivered. They are not meant to be a creative design agency. Sometimes, CRM and loyalty effort need some creative element, but that is provided by another agency. Cartesian does not do communication development.


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