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Buy Sell Customization

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Average: 4.5 (1 vote)


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Agriya developed a highly customized ecommerce website, using Buy/Sell as the core functionality. The team created a unique shipping schedule for the software and the ability to mix and match products.

Feedback summary: 

The software has a few minor bugs but is performing well in its infant stage. Agriya demonstrated honesty and professionalism from the start. The team works diligently on the complicated project despite multiple challenges. They maintain prompt and clear communication and excellent support.

"They are one of the most professional offshore groups I have worked with."


We are a startup side project that needed an out-of-the-box solution with some deep customizations. I am a part owner. The software that Agriya could provide us was well suited to our needs. We had a list of changes to ensure the software could be customized to suit the online wine industry. Agriya have performed a stellar job on getting our requirements completed. 


We have a great opportunity to take the marketplace software out to niche markets. The main challenge was to get the product right for our audience. The Buy/Sell software is not designed for multiple items in sets of six or 12, like cases of wine for example. Also, the shipping out of the box works well for a craft marketplace but did not suit our needs for mix and match.

We worked with Agriya extensively on developing a new shipping schedule for the software, one that is unique in market. The task was a challenge although I feel the team at Agriya worked quite diligently and had a very good understanding of what we were trying to achieve. 


The team used their out of the box solution called Buy/Sell. We used the core functionality, and then turbo-charged it and customized it for our audience. Agriya managed 100 percent of the development and enhancements. There were two companies we compared when scoping this project. One is in Europe and another in India. Both promised a lot and had the same software. Agriya stood out because they had some live solutions in market. They also came across as honest and professional. The European company seemed very arrogant and the first few conversations were difficult and unprofessional. It was actually amazing how bad those conversations went.


The software is good, particularly for the price. It has some minor bugs and is a little over complicated, although no showstoppers and suits us well in this stage of our infant startup life. Agriya are also very helpful when it comes to tickets and support. We have our own Web developer and this makes life a lot simpler. I'm not sure I would like to take on a project like ours without a dedicated web developer.

Agriya have been really supportive. Not once have they come back with anything less than a completely professional experience. They never held up the job asking for more money. It’s happened before with other freelancers. They completed the project, never giving up, even with multiple challenges and sometimes daunting tasks. Timelines did stretch a little although we knew we had a difficult project, we also contributed to some of the delays. Communication was always prompt and clear.

To be honest, when researching Agriya and coming across some of the negative feedback, I had my doubts. I did have a few sleepless nights wondering if I had chosen the right team. It’s always hard to choose an offshore developer, especially with a limited budget.

A few mistakes or a difficult team that ransom you for the work to be done can potentially sink a small business like ours. Circumstance really pushed us towards them as a group. They came across as very professional from the start, the software that was 80 percent close to what we wanted and the fact they came in on our budget all helped with our decision. Sometimes, you just have to take a chance.

Overall, I have to say they are one of the most professional offshore groups I have worked with. Rama is a very competent IT [information technology] project manager and a pleasure to work with. Agriya won’t be the pick for everyone. That’s granted. A lot will come down to your project, although they worked well for us. I would definitely recommend them and we will be channeling more development through them. I’m feeling confident we have an offshore development team that we can partner with for the future. I hope this review helps make decisions a little easier when looking at Agriya as a potential for your projects and I hope Agriya will keep up the good work and not make me regret this very long although glowing review. 


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