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  •  SSD
  •  SSL Certificates
  •  API controls
  •  Backups
  •  WordPress
  •  Drupal
  •  Joomla
  •  Magento


  •  SLA
  • Guaranteed Uptime: 100%
  • Provisioning time: < 20 Min
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Premium WebmailMobilesync + CloudMicrosoft Exchange
Price per Month $1.95$4.95 $14.95
Price per Year $19.95 $49.95 $149.95


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Online Review
Jan 09 2019

Cloud Hosting for IT Services Company


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the reviewer
$51 - $250/mo. spend
IT Services
1-10 Employees
Toronto, Canada
CEO, 1ComputerServices Inc.
John Schick
The Review

Thexyz is a reliable hosting solution that enabled the company to share data in real time between employees and various mobile devices, while keeping emails synced. It’s apt for small to mid-sized business, and its features, pricing, and exceptional technical support make it a noteworthy product.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the CEO of 1ComputerServices Inc., a company that provides computer and IT services to individuals and businesses in Toronto and the surrounding area. We help our clients at their location via remote access. I deal directly with contractors and suppliers.

What was the business challenge your company was facing that initiated the need for Thexyz Inc?

We needed the ability to share data in real time between employees and various devices, and sync email data across multiple devices. Thexyz solved this for us.


Was your company considering other platforms? Why this platform?

At first, we considered using OneDrive, SharePoint, and Dropbox. We chose Thexyz because of their competitive pricing, features, and capabilities, but most importantly, for their technical support.

What type of client is an ideal candidate for Thexyz Inc? Who should possibly avoid these platforms?

Ideally, these services are best for small and medium-sized businesses.

What cost factors should clients keep in mind when considering this company?

The cost of technical support is very reasonable.

On an annual or monthly basis, how much does your company spend to utilize the platform?

We purchase many services from Thexyz, including email and hosting accounts. We spend approximately $75 to $100 per month across all of our services.

How many people at your company interact Thexyz Inc?

Only two.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your using this platform?

We’re no longer struggling when trying to share and sync data in real time.

Were there any software features/tools that you were really impressed by?

Their interface is easy to use interface and their storage capacity is remarkable.

Looking back, are there any areas of the offerings that you feel could be added or improved upon?


Have you had to interact with the platform’s support team or reference their support resources? How were they?

Yes, and they are great. If we had gone with the other options we were weighing, we wouldn’t have received the necessary technical support at the price we are paying Thexyz for these services.

Overall Score
  • 4.5 Features
  • 5.0 Ease of Use
  • 5.0 Support
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer