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Virtual Machines in the Cloud

A Virtual Machine is a basic scalable unit within a project in the SIM-Cloud. The Dashboard allows to easily manage the pool of the rented cloud resources. A client can create any number of virtual machines, define their type and the disk size for each instance and deploy them from a set number of OS distributive images (common versions of Windows, Linux, Free BSD and narrow focused ones such as Router OS). According to our policy, we use top-notch models of Intel Xeon CPU which are most relevant to cloud computing requirements.


  • Custom VM Types
  • User-controlled instances
  • 10 Gbit LAN (redundant)
  • 56 Gbit InfiniBand SAN with redundant connection
  • Openstack API

Cloud Storage

We use scalable, highly available storage with powerful storage network. All data in SIM-Cloud storage system are replicated with x2 factor (each identical data block is hosted on two different physical nodes located in two different racks in a data center). SAN at SIM-Cloud our engineers built as a classical Fat Tree Infiniband network at a speed of 56 Gbit/sec


  • Tier I is a universal storage facility designed to solve most of the issues with typical loads. Performance per each virtual disc: 200 MB/s; 500 IOPS
  • Tier II is a high-speed storage and is used for highly loaded applications. Performance per each virtual disc: 300 MB/s; 10000 IOPS
  • Disks are managed in the client Dashboard. The main actions available for disks operation are: change the disk type and its size, create a snapshot (a disk snapshot).


SIM-Cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) product assures customers’/users’ data security by means of creating data backups in SIM-Cloud. Backups in the SIM-Cloud BaaS product are carried out by creating incremental (additional) data copies. This helps decrease the size of regularly formed files manifold and, as a result, requires significantly fewer cloud resources.


  • SIM-Cloud BaaS is managed via SIM-Cloud Dashboard
  • BaaS Remote - saves backups in a remote data center (Germany). Data recovery speed is 100-150 GB/hour.
  • BaaS Local - saves backups in the same data center (Germany) where the client’s virtual machines are deployed. Data recovery speed is 300-600 GB/hour.

Cloud Network

Our cloud network is a redundant data network built as a classical Ethernet 10-40 Gbit/sec. VXLAN technology allows creating private virtual networks in SIM-Cloud.


  • Networks, subnets, and IP addressing are managed within the Dashboard.
  • Users are able to order blocks of fixed subsequent IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of public subnetworks to be used in your private network.
  • Private LAN is available
  • VPN is available
  • Highly available virtual router
Our informative SIM-Cloud Dashboard provides users to work with the wide set of tools to manage cloud projects. Besides, users can manage his projects in SIM-Cloud via API


  •  SSD
  •  SSL Certificates (add-on service)
  •  API controls
  •  Backups
  •  WordPress
  •  Drupal
  •  Joomla
  •  Magento


  • In-Transit: SSL/TLS
  • At Rest: AES-256
File Management:
  •  Role Based Access
  • Retention Time: User defined
Audits & Compliance:
  •  HIPAA
  •  PCI
  •  ISO
  •  CSA


  •  SLA
  • Guaranteed Uptime: 99.95%
  • Provisioning time: depends on plan
Free Support:
  •  Phone
  •  Chat
  •  Guides


Custom Pricing Plans and add-ons are available via web interface.

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Online Review
May 16 2018

Cloud Hosting for Financial Accounting Clients


Ease of use: 
Willing to refer: 
the reviewer
$51 - $250/mo. spend
1-10 Employees
CEO, Consulting Firm
The Review

SIM-Networks provides cloud services for hosting data for corporate sites as well as software processing information. Their support team is quick at handling requests and the overall service is recommended for mid- to large-sized companies.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m an internet entrepreneur involved in the automation of financial accounting at various enterprises, using the Russian platform 1C:Enterprise. This platform uses Microsoft SQL server databases.

What was the business challenge your company was facing that initiated the need for this hosting platform?

Clients often need a cloud platform to store and process information using 1C software packages. I use cloud-based virtual machines with Windows Server and Microsoft SQL server. Organizations receive a remote desktop with a customized environment for their employees.


Was your company considering other platforms? Why this platform?

We looked at different service providers but chose SIM-networks for their price, reliability, and the level of technical support they offered in our language.

On an annual or monthly basis, how much does your company spend to utilize the platform?

We pay €50–€500 ($59–$591 USD) per organization per month.

What type of client is an ideal candidate? Who should possibly avoid these platforms?

Their service is ideal for medium to large companies. It’s possible to get both virtual dedicated servers and platforms for corporate sites.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this platform?

Using their services, I implemented hosting projects for several corporate sites, handled remote work with information systems, as well as corporate mail.

Were there any software features/tools that you were really impressed by?

At my request, SIM-networks developed and implemented a secure file storage with two-factor authentication using one-time password tokens.

What cost factors should clients keep in mind when considering this tool?

The price is justified by their level of reliability and technical support.

Looking back, are there any areas of the software that you feel could be added or improved upon?

The mail system provided with their hosting services needs a better filter for spam.

Have you had to interact with the platform’s support team or reference their support resources? How were they?

I constantly collaborate with their support team. All our requests are carried out promptly and efficiently.

Overall Score
  • 5.0 Features
  • 5.0 Ease of Use
  • 5.0 Support
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer