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6 Ways Call Center Software Helps Generate Revenue

April 8, 2020

by Sindhav Bhagirath

Digital Marketing Executive, Hodusoft

Call-center software is essential for any business prioritizing customer services. Here are 6 benefits of call center software.

Communication is at the core of any business. Excellent communication delivers positive customer experience. Satisfied customers are loyal customers.

Customer loyalty leads to repeat purchases and recommendations that draw in more customers. The result is accelerated company revenue generation.

Call center software enhances communication and aids efficiency in today’s omnichannel unified communications world. Call center software allows you to create an in-house capability to manage customer expectations.

How Call Center Software Benefits Businesses

  1. In-house customer service keeps customers happy
  2. Call center software ensures calls reach the correct employees
  3. Omnichannel communication streamlines customer queries
  4. WebRTC video audio chat maintains customer connections
  5. Call center software helps conduct broadcasting and surveys
  6. Call center software provides data and intelligence

In-House Customer Service Keeps Customers Happy

If you want to keep customers happy it is better to handle them yourself rather than outsourcing the task to call centers. 

Omnichannel call center software is affordable enough to use at your worksite. The other option is to subscribe to hosted solutions. In either case, you do not need complex IP phone systems or associated hardware in order to use the contact center software. 

Take the case of D&D Motors. It decided to install contact center software and serve customers directly instead of using an external call center. 

Customer satisfaction levels increased as did retention and loyalty. Executives of D&D Motors felt happy to serve customers directly and know their expectations. Business increased.  

The takeaway here is that if you want to know your customers, engage with them directly instead of trusting a third party to handle it. In-house contact center software facilitates better engagement. 

Call Center Software Ensures Calls Reach the Correct Employees

Customers dislike talking to call center agents. Outsourced call center agents provide service only up to a point but cannot make decisions. 

It is important that customers be able to talk with the right person and receive decisive responses. The contact center solution facilitates superior experiences. 

Correct Solutions Group, for example, opted for contact center software. As a result, callers could speak to knowledgeable executives for the fast resolution of issues. 

Happy customers stay loyal and give more business to the company. 

Omnichannel Communication Streamlines Customer Queries

People use a variety of channels to communicate. The telephone is only one part of communications. 

Customers use social media, instant messaging, and audio-video chat in addition to phone calls and emails. A lead may initiate an inquiry on one channel. 

Sales executives must follow that lead and then switch tracks to more personalized telephone or video chat and then again switch the channel to email to send an offer. 

Omnichannel communication facilitates this back and forth action without you missing a beat. Leads turn into customers. Existing customers receive fast service and appreciate it. 

Multichannel vs. Omnichannel customer communication


Consider MyCover Insurance that switched to Hodusoft’s omnichannel contact center software

Executives communicate with clients using Whatsapp, follow Facebook posts and respond and then use phone or video or email according to need of the moment. 

Customers appreciate this seamless communication and renew policies besides showing interest in other offers. MyCover Insurance reports better retention and increases in business. 

Omnichannel feature of contact center software facilitates immediate interaction across channels. Improved customer experience means more business. 

WebRTC video audio chat and conference

Customers appreciate face-to-face communication. Contact center software with WebRTC facilitates audio and video chats and conferences. 

This has a direct bearing on a company’s growth and revenue generation: 

  • Callers love talking with someone they can see. Facial expressions and body language promote better interaction. Customers and executives chat freely and it feels as if they are sitting across the table and talking with each other. 
  • WebRTC promotes conferencing. A client may talk with an executive. The executive can invite a senior or a colleague to join and this sort of conference promotes speedy decision making. 
  • WebRTC feature frees users from the need to invest in expensive hardware usually associated with VoIP telephony. A mobile phone with a browser becomes the communication device. This means even small startups enjoy advanced and secure audio-video chats. All they need is smartphones and desktops in order to connect and be available anytime. 

The case of Book on Spot Travel solution perfectly illustrates how WebRTC powers customer interaction. 

Executives in the company use their mobile phones to respond to customers or initiate video chats and even show demos, exchange documents and video within a video. 

What would take hours or days takes only a few minutes. The travel agency reports better conversion rates and improvement in revenues. 

Call Center Software Helps Conduct Broadcasting and Surveys

Businesses find it easy to go proactive and conduct surveys with the interactive voice response (IVR) survey feature of call center software. 

IVR helps businesses conduct:

  • SMS and voice broadcasts: Businesses schedule SMS or voice broadcasts to select audiences at select times and include a call-to-action. The software sends thousands of messages right to customers’ mobile devices. Even if a small percentage responds it increases revenue for the business. 
  • Surveys: This feature of the contact center solution comes in handy to conduct surveys. Enterprises conduct surveys to receive feedback to help improve services. 

Companies can reach out to thousands of existing customers with regular IVR surveys to better understand exactly what they think and expect. At the same time, the insurance company sends out thousands of SMS broadcasts to potential customers in order to increase the customer base.  

SMS Survey example


Reaching out to customers costs money. SMS and voice broadcast help businesses conduct promotions at a low cost. 

Call Center Software Provides Data and Intelligence

Call center solutions incorporate call recording functions and data analytics through the linked CRM. 

Its analytics feature delivers reports that managers can use to refine business operations, identify opportunities, and address deficiencies. 

Intelligence gives you insight into customer expectations and equips you to improve services. Your customers express satisfaction through loyalty and repeat business. 

Data drives business as does communication. Get both in one package and you leap ahead. 

D&D motors use call recording to understand how the employees respond to customers and whether conversations satisfy customers. 

Identification of gaps and deficiencies improves with the use of data analytics. Complaints about the quality of response and quality of service reduce and customers develop a positive image of the company. 

Analytics delivers facts. You make the right decisions based on facts, not assumptions and the result is growth. 

Businesses Large and Small Should Invest in Call-Center Software

Call center software costs so little and has so for businesses. 

It is an important communication tool that helps you deliver the right customer experience. Happy customers stay loyal, recommend you to others and buy again. 

Call center software undergoes constant iteration based on customer feedback on how they use the solution and what more they would like to see in it. 

Companies refine and upgrade features to help make the software a vital tool for customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Recent improvements cover WhatsApp inclusion, WebRTC and artificial intelligence that contribute to enhanced productivity as well as ease of use. 

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