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5 Business Tips for February 2020

February 5, 2020

by Emily Clark

Senior Product Marketer, Clutch

Learn five tips from businesses on Clutch.

One of the best ways to improve your business is to see what other businesses are doing to succeed.

Here are our top five business tips for February 2020.

1. Focus on SEO

You may have an amazing website, but if no one sees it, it's a waste of money and effort. SEO is essential to driving traffic to your site.

ATop Digital, a digital marketing and SEO company in India, designed a new WordPress site and SEO and PPC strategy to increase traffic. This included implementing Google Ads and even Bing ads. ATop still delivers monthly reports to the company to show the leads that come from digital marketing efforts.

SEO makes a website successful.

2. Don’t Shy Away From E-Commerce

E-commerce is overwhelming for small businesses, but it's important for any retailer in 2020.

GoMage, an e-commerce developer in Finland, updated a Canadian food company's website to meet the demand of its growing traffic. Consumers increasingly shop online, so the food company knew a fast, optimized site was essential.

Businesses that don't focus on e-commerce miss out on countless potential customers.

3. Test Your Mobile Apps

If you haven't tested your mobile apps for bugs lately, it may be time. Apple and Android are constantly changing their algorithms, and you want your app to be as user-friendly as possible.

For example, Classic Informatics, a development firm in India, fixed the code in a media company's apps. This improved the performance of the apps.

Creating an app isn't enough. Businesses should constantly improve it.

4. Conduct Market Research

You might love your company's branding and product, but if consumers don't, you risk losing business.

Cerberus Agency, a branding company in New Orleans, helped a local seasoning company with a major rebrand, including changing its name and recipe based on market research. It also updated the company's advertising, marketing, and packaging designs to better fit consumer needs.

You need a product and company that appeals to consumers.

5. Stand Out From the Competition With Advertising

Businesses should advertise — even if they have a low budget.

For example, Bright Orange Advertising, an advertising agency in Pittsburgh, has helped a mortgage company with its advertising since 2009. Bright Orange helped the company, which has a small advertising budget, with both traditional advertising such as brochures and newspaper ads and innovative advertising such as themed water bottles.

Advertising helps people learn about and remember a business, which leads to increased customers and sales.

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