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Egor Pavlenko

CTO, Live Animations

The tech leader and mastermind of Live Animations team, Egor Pavlenko has been working at the company since its foundation in 2014. He brings his unique AR expertise and innovative approach into the powerful skill mix of Live Animations. No challenge is unsolvable for him, and he is the master of cool-headed decisions, no matter how tight the deadlines are.

Under his leadership, Live Animations successfully released 24 projects for big brands such as Disney and Ferrero. He also pays great attention to the company’s own products, such as the hits Live Photo app and Live Coloring app.

He is devoted to revolutionalizing the AR market with groundbreaking solutions, such as the first-ever full-length cartoon in AR, made for the TIMI brand, owned by Russia’s biggest confectionery Konti.

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