AppsMakerstore: Interview with CCO Rick Jones

February 06, 2015

This Clutch interview was conducted with Rick Jones, Chief Commercial Officer of AppsMakerstore. The purpose of this interview is to offer prospective partners of AppsMakerstore a descriptive and firsthand view into the capabilities of the tool.  

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Clutch:  What inspired you to join a team like AppsMakerstore?

Rick Jones:  I’ve been in telecommunications for the last 10 years now, and I was already in the business of creating mobile apps and interactive digital solutions for retailers when I met Rudi Carlsen. He is the CEO and founder of AppsMakerstore and, when we met, I was looking for a platform that could expand my apps to a global market. AppsMakerstore was the perfect solution. Rudi and I think the same way and thought that we would make good partners so I merged my business with AppsMakerstore about two years ago.

Clutch: Please start by giving an overview of your software and its intended purpose.

Rick Jones: AppsMakerstore is a do-it-yourself platform to allow any kind of business to create their own app quickly and easily. All of our apps are fully native and work perfectly on Android and iOS. People not only have an application which completes simple tasks like marketing or communications, but also more integrated solutions such as:

  • M-Commerce
  • Event Booking
  • Auto-reminders like loyalty stamps
  • Automatic messaging
  • GPS

With an app that they can update easily, users can have a unique dialogue with their customers. They can do all types of things that they would not be able to do with just a website.  For example, merchants can offer exclusive VIP promotions and send push notifications using the app.  We anticipate the needs of our customers and offer a support and marketing package that helps users utilize best methods to get the most out of their app.

Clutch: Who is the target client for this software?

Rick Jones: Anyone and everyone. We are great for any small or medium-sized enterprise or an individual working from home. Any vertical and any type of business would benefit from these applications.

Clutch: Is there a client base that you wouldn’t recommend your software to?

Rick Jones:  Although we work with some large, national companies in certain regions, we don’t integrate with complicated, multi-layered IT systems.  In that sense, we are not really designed for larger businesses.

Clutch: Specifically, what platforms does your software build apps for (iOS, Android, HTML5)? Are they native or hybrid apps?

Rick Jones: We’ve decided to focus purely on iOS and Android. The apps are integrated with Facebook as well. We’ve just created a new functionality which allows users to use our platform to create a website based on the content of their app. As a result, when they update their website or app, they do it from one place. Within 30 seconds, the content is published live in real-time for all users to enjoy. Because it’s native, the end-user doesn’t have to re-download the app or press a button to accept the new content. We’re one of the only app builders where that happens automatically.

Clutch: Can you speak to the functionality and the options that are available to the consumer?

AppsMakerstore gives you access to a secure Admin panel which has all of the tools and functions that allow users to create and build the app.  They can upload and maintain the cover and homepage photos, etc.  We have about 30-35 gadgets, which are the functions of the app and users can have as many as they would like. These include basic information about location and type of business and services offered and employees. There are other functions such as m-commerce and selling products for either delivery or collection. Businesses can choose which gadgets they actually want, build them with the Admin panel and then, going forward, they can update the app in real time to keep the content current. We’ve created a number of industry templates that are pre-populated with gadgets that we know are relevant and specific to that industry.

What are my options to include location based services in my app?

As a retailer, you can use the dashboard to put in all of your locations. When the customer is within a pre-defined radius of a location, they are automatically sent a message, which encourages them to make a visit to the outlet.

Are there any specific vertical industries that your app development software excels in e.g. tourism or restaurants? And why?

We have a suite of solutions for food and beverage.  Restaurant services, which include ordering food for delivery or collection and making reservations are all available for those types of businesses. We also have a full events management suite with point-of-interest, loyalty stamps, and full integration with social media.   

Lastly, what support options do you offer buyers of your software? How many people make up your support team?

We offer 24/7 customer support covering every time zone. That is through live chat available on our website and in the Admin panel. Customers can email us through our customer management system and we will be back in touch within 24 hours. We will try and get back to them sooner if there is an urgent issue.  We guarantee customers 99.5% up time for the server. Using our franchise network, our partners provide local support.

What would you say would be the key feature or features that sets your software apart from other software meant to accomplish similar purposes?

The ease of use of the platform and incredibly fast auto-publish for a fully native iOS and/or Android app make our software special. We also have a global understanding of business needs and have used that knowledge to create a solution, which we believe to be the best in the market. On top of all of that, we are priced very reasonably.  

Clutch:  Are there any features or functionalities that a consumer may be looking for that you would say that your app software is not the best fit for?

Rick Jones: We know from constant research that between 85% and 95% of customer requirements are covered by the gadgets that we have on the platform.  We are doing a really great job predicting and meeting those needs. In some instances, where the customer wants some very specific functionality or integration, they may want to work with our customs team. Overall, however customers find what they need within the DIY platform of the AppsMakerstore.

Clutch: Thanks Rick, for the time and all the information on AppsMakerstore.

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