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Mobile App Developers and Mobile Marketers use Kumulos to grow their mobile app development agencies and provide mobile marketing automation services including push notifications, in-app messaging, analytics, ASO, crash reporting and more.

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NS804, Waracle, NativApps, App Guys Inc, Cotham Technologies, Criton Apps, Soultime, B13 Technology and more. 

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Free 30-day trial
$50 - $315 per app per month
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Online Review
Sep 30 2019

User Analytics for Technology Company


Ease of use: 
Willing to refer: 
the reviewer
$51 - $250/mo. spend
Computer Software
1-10 Employees
United Kingdom
CTO, Computer Software Company
The Review

Can you please provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there? 

We are a software development agency focused on delivering technical solutions to brands and businesses with a focus on emerging technology — specifically Augmented and Virtual reality. 

I am one of the original founders and CTO. My responsibilities are focused on the technical aspects of our operations, from architecting solutions for our clients to building and managing the project teams.

What is the technical challenge that the software helps you solve? 

A key challenge with emerging technologies is user adoption. Technologies like AR and VR are often new experiences to users, so in order to improve and push adoption, we need to understand how users are engaging with our applications. 

Kumulos allows us to get a deep understanding of our user base through their analytics. Through them, we can create custom user journeys, identify how a user progresses through the app, and most importantly identify any drop off points.

This is critical in prioritizing development tasks and ensuring resources are spent in the most valuable areas.


Was your company considering other tools? Why choose this company? 

We had considered using Unity Analytics but we found that it did not offer us the level of granularity we needed. The Kumulos team was also happy to help set up a client portal for key project stakeholders to review app performance statistics directly from Kumulos. 

What is the ideal project to use the software for? Not ideal? 

I would say Kumulos software is relevant and ideally suited to the majority of software projects. Kumulos allows you to unlock a new understanding of how your app is being used.

This proved invaluable, as it allows you to remove the guesswork of how your app is being received, what needs to be improved, and what features your customers find the most value in. 

What cost factors should clients be aware of when considering this tool? 

Their pricing works well, gives you flexibility, and enables you to scale back and forth easily.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this software? 

Kumulos was integrated into one of our applications prior to launch. Once you deploy an app, you can find yourself in the dark as to why or why not your application is successful and that could be decided by any number of factors. 

Kumulos really shone a light on how our application was being received and clearly identified areas and features of the app that weren’t getting used and why.

Armed with this information, we were able to focus our efforts on key improvements for the application. This led to improved performance and user experience of the application, more downloads, and better reviews.


Were there any software features/tools that you were really impressed by? 

When we first engaged with the Kumulos team they did not offer a version of their SDK that was compatible with our development environment. However, their team was very quick in extending their offering to include our requirements. I was really impressed by the efforts they made to support us. 

Looking back, are there any areas of the software that you feel could be added or improved upon? 

There are no areas in the software that did not meet our requirements.

Have you had a positive or negative experience utilizing their support resources? 

Their team went out of their way to ensure we were able to work with the software. Their developers were also on hand and had direct communication with our team to assist in the integration of their software with our app.

Overall Score The software was critical in helping to solve a challenge we were facing and delivered on all of our requirements.
  • 5.0 Features
    The software just worked, it gave us exactly what we needed, it was very simple and straightforward to integrate into our work.
  • 5.0 Ease of Use
    The web portal is clear and concise delivering all the information you need which can be easily navigated.
  • 5.0 Support
    The Kumulos team went above and beyond in the development of a version of the SDK that met our specific requirements.
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer
    I’d highly recommend this software on its capabilities.
Client Interview
Feb 22 2017

Enhanced Speed and Management Tools for App Development


Ease of use: 
Willing to refer: 
the reviewer
More than $1000/mo. spend
Dundee, United Kingdom
Optimization Lead, Waracle
Ian Treleaven
The Review

Kumulos' expanding offerings enable the client to integrate, automate, or otherwise improve various development processes, including client-facing management practices. The services are broken out into individual, affordable units and are free to configure before launching, making the entire suite of services attractive from a development and cost perspective.


Introduce your business and what you do there.

We are one of the UK’s largest mobile app & IoT development businesses with 4 offices and 90+ staff. We cover a broad range of industry sectors including healthcare, financial services, utilities, transport and retail. Our approach means we build long-term strategic relationships with our clients where we become their mobile partner. We believe that an app is never complete so work with our clients across the full life of their app, helping them optimize the app's performance to make sure we deliver the best results for all our clients.

How long have you been working with Kumulos?

We started working with them in 2011.


How does your company implement this platform or software?

Originally, we used Kumulos to release apps a lot faster and make it simpler to set up in the beginning by using their backend to streamline the app development process. They branched out and started offering more post-launch services that fit in with our requirements for optimization. Specifically, they’ve launched an App Store optimization recently, so we’ve used that as an extra service for our clients. They also have a customer portal that we use to communicate with our clients, to store our documentation, and deliver monthly reports.

Was your company considering other platforms? Why this platform?

We looked at other providers but everything was too complicated for what we were looking for. We wanted something simple and quick. Kumulos was a platform that appealed to us because of its simplicity and the fact that they weren’t in contention to be acquired by other companies.

What type of client is an ideal candidate for Kumulos? Who should possibly avoid Kumulos?

It depends on the app. We use it for a lot of location-aware apps. I find that it deals with geolocation very well. We found that a lot of the other services didn’t do that as well or made it too complicated. Kumulos also has push notifications integrated now, so it’s an all-around service. Now, by developing these extra services, they’re appealing to more companies.

What cost factors should clients keep in mind when considering this tool?

They’re very competitive with their pricing. I don’t think we pay very much to use the platform. The core backend is $50 per app but you get an unlimited number of apps in development. We prototype a lot for clients because it’s a good way to test users. They give us a 60-day free trial period before we have to pay, which is enough time to refine the app before launch. We pay per account for a client portal and for each individual feature, which we like because it lets us fit the costs and features to exactly what the client needs. Other solutions offered a one-size-fits-all approach which made them much less cost-efficient.

On a monthly basis, how much does your company spend to utilize the platform?

We spend about $1,200 a month. We are using 12 different apps.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this platform?

We can have a prototype put together in a matter of weeks using Kumulos, which is very simple with their API backend. On Friday, we dedicate a half day to non-paid work for potential customers or people who have ideas. We’ll use Kumulos for that because it allows us to put together something quickly. We know the platform and we can have a demo ready for the client quickly. This is still a new venture, so we don’t have any success stories yet.

In terms of the other services, we use their optimization for a couple of our clients’ apps and we’ve managed to increase the rankings of those.

We estimate that for every dollar that Kumulos costs us, we make $6 - $9 additional income. We are able to build new apps at least 40% faster on Kumulos than we have been able to do on other backends, for example, Firebase. This means we deliver apps faster for clients at considerably less cost and higher margins. We also offer a range of services to optimize the performance of their apps using Kumulos, enabling us to generate monthly fees from retainers, amounting to thousands of dollars each month. This model also helps us identify additional work that can be done for an existing app and the regular contact post app-launch tends to create a strong partnership, making us the obvious choice for clients' next app projects.


Were there any software features/tools that you were really impressed by?

We’ve been impressed by the push notification platform because it’s integrated into Kumulos, which means that we don’t have to integrate a third-party solution. We really like the preconfigured customer portal that lets customers login from our website, view analytics, manage their own push campaigns, and share documents with us, all within a system that is branded as if it is ours. We have used other solutions but they were unreliable and expensive, so we began using Kumulos, which simplified a lot for us.

Looking back, are there any areas of the software that you feel could be added or improved upon?

No. They are constantly developing new features. They listen to us about new features we need and are pretty responsive in building them. They let us know what changes are being made so we know what to look for.

Have you had to interact with the platform’s support team or reference their support resources?

Their support is amazing even with the non-paid apps we work on. In the beginning, there wasn’t a lot of documentation and training, but there is now. We don’t really need it because we’ve used the platform for so long.

Overall Score
  • 4.5 Features
    I know what’s coming, so everything that we’re missing is in the pipeline.
  • 5.0 Ease of Use
    It’s very simple. Their backend has been redone in the past year and it’s now incredibly simple to use compared to what it was before. It’s a very clean design and intuitive to use.
  • 5.0 Support
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer
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