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Client Interview
Mar 25 2016

Kony: a Great Choice for Companies Looking for an End-to-end Solution


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the reviewer
Information Technology
2-10 Employees
Co-founder, Mobile IT Services Company
The Review

The user is a small information technology services company that specializes in implementing rapid application development platforms for businesses looking to streamline their application development processes. The client's experience with Kony has been positive, and they are particularly impressed with Kony Studio's functionality and available tools. The client would recommend Kony to a business looking for an end-to-end solution. However, They would not recommend it to someone who was only looking for a tool to build a couple mobile apps more easily.


Can you provide a brief description of your company?

We're a boutique IT services company that is aimed at supporting companies who are in the beginning stages of implementing a mobile strategy. Particularly, we're focused on implementing enterprise mobile platforms, such as Kony.

What is your within the company?

I'm a cofounder of the company.

How long have you worked with Kony?

Our company has been a partner of Kony's for around two years.


Can you describe briefly the typical challenge that a company may be facing that would encourage them to adopt a RAD tool?

Typically, our clients are facing the same challenges as everyone else, an increasing number of business apps that need to be deployed while facing a shortage of resources to make the development happen. That's where tools like Kony come into play.


When looking at the market as a whole, what are some of the key differentiators among RAD platforms of which customers should be aware?

I think that something most clients don't realize right away is that there's much more that go into these platforms than just app development. With Kony, for instance, you can't use the Kony Studio for app development unless you take the entire Kony solution (Cloud, EMM, and so on) with it. That's not the case with all of the RAD platforms, but it is with Kony.  

What type of client is an ideal candidate for Kony? Who should possibly avoid it?

I think the ideal candidate is someone who is looking for a fully integrated app development platform that will handle everything that touches your mobile app. A client who would not be an ideal candidate is someone who is just looking to ease the development burden, by writing apps more quickly.


What cost factors should clients keep in mind when considering whether they should work with Kony?

Because you get so much with Kony, its obviously going to be more expensive than many of the development tools that you could use.

What are the features or tools of the platform that have most impressed you?

Their tools, especially Kony Studio, are great. In terms of building functional, fully integrated, apps. Kony is phenomenal.

Are there any recommendations you have for someone considering Kony?

Kony Studio is not a RAD that Kony sells, the way myEclipse [from Genuitec] or Intel XDK are. These tools will allow you to build native apps with common languages, however they don't offer the security, support, and other features that Kony does. If you are looking for an end-to-end business solution, Kony is a great choice. If you just need to build a few apps, then there are better options.

Can you speak to the support offered by Kony? In what ways do they excel at support offerings, and where could they improve?

Kony's support is phenomenal.


We have a few quick questions and, for each question, we ask you to rate the software on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. What would you give the software for functionality of the features available?

Four and a half.

What would you give the software for ease of use or ease of implementation into your business?


For support, as in responsiveness of the team or helpfulness of the resources available?

Four and a half.

How likely are you to recommend the software to a colleague or similar business?

Five. If it's the right fit.

For overall satisfaction with the platform?


Overall Score
  • 4.5 Features
  • 4.0 Ease of Use
  • 4.5 Support
  • 5.0 Willing to Refer