Build Native Cross-Platform Apps and Games Rapidly

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Developers looking for a Java friendly platform for developing games and apps.

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Developers looking to build apps with a great degree of backend customizations. 

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$49 - $239/mo
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App Platforms

Native Apps for iOS, Android, Desktop, Embedded and Web (WebAssembly)

Development Tools

Felgo includes a professional & full-featured IDE, extending the well known Qt Creator. It allows writing code with code-completion, side-by-side with the visual, drag-and-drop UI Designer, debugging, running tests, browsing help and version control, all in one place.

Felgo supports Live Reloading code you just saved in the IDE, both on the Desktop for quick simulation of the UI and on mobile with the mobile live reloading app. This reduces development time significantly, as you save the time of re-deploying the whole application every time.

Felgo can also simulate mobile UIs for different platforms on a Desktop, and even can change the platform style at runtime.



Felgo comes with unique development tools to increase productivity:

Felgo Live: Code Hot Reloading

Felgo Live reloads projects on every connected device, within seconds after code changes and without building and deploying every time from scratch.

Felgo Cloud Builds

Lets applications build in the cloud without the need for local toolchain and sysroot installations. Felgo Cloud Builds enables to automate the entire flow from source code to your end users and in mobile app stores.


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Free version
$49 - $239/mo
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Online Review
Jan 11 2017

V-Play is an All-in-One Solution


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the reviewer
$0 - $50/mo. spend
The Netherlands
Sole Proprietor
Bas Lentfert
The Review

Can you provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there?

S.M. Lentfert is a sole proprietorship started in 2000. We focus on the development of HTML5 web applications, apps, and installations using different kinds of software to make it work, depending on what clients ask for.

What is the technical challenge that the app software helps you solve?

They were mainly layout problems, prototyping, and fast development. That way, I can spend time on other things.


Was your company considering other tools?

We considered Unity3d, Corona, Flash, and Visual Studio C# – Unity for 3-D and Corona and Flash for fast 2-D development.

What is the ideal project for which to use the app builder? Not ideal?

I think V-Play is ideal for fast development of the vast majority of apps. However, it's not ideal for 3-D or certain game types.

What cost factors should clients be aware of when considering this tool?

None. It is a good price and has top-notch support for all kinds of problems. Not just bugs, but also implementation solutions.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this app software?

I needed to develop a game app for iOS and Android and had started using some other software, but it did not meet the requirements. Then, after some searching, I came across V-Play and found it to be the ideal marriage of script and native in one solution. I had no prior experience but could create the app with ease and convenience.


Were there any software features or tools that impressed you?   

I liked the available plug-ins and the management of the UI layout, which made possible to fit a number of different devices and their varying screen sizes.

Looking back, are there any areas of the software that you feel could be added or improved upon?

I would like to see easier integration of custom mobile platform specific-related functionality.

Have you had a positive or negative experience utilizing their support resources?

It has been very positive, and one of the friendliest and most helpful in my experience so far.

Overall Score It's very good, but there is always room for making things even greater.
  • 4.5 Features
    Fast development and handles most implementations with ease. Support is also very good.
  • 4.5 Ease of Use
    The software can be ported very easily to all major platforms, and the documentation is very good and easy to understand.
  • 4.5 Support
    They respond quickly and are willing to help with everything, even when you do not understand the platform, yet. They are very pleasant and symbiotic.
  • 4.5 Willing to Refer
    I am doing that and already did because it is just fun to work with – it makes you smile after a while.