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App Platforms

  • Hybrid iOS
  • Hybrid Android
  • Hybrid Windows
  • Hybrid BlackBerry
  • HTML5
  • J2ME

Development Tools

Integrated Development Enironment consisting of

  • Project Navigator
  • Screen Designer with Drag-and-Drop capability
  • Configurable Simulator
  • Code Editor
  • Style Designer
  • Layout Templates
  • Custom Widgets



Location Services

  • GPS Locator
  • GPS Directions
  • Device Compass



  • Domestic Fund Transfers
  • Cross-border Fund Transfers
  • Bill Payments
  • Mobile Top-up

Vertical Features

  • Consumer Banking
  • Corporate Banking
  • Customer Onboarding
  • Relationship Management
  • MIS Dashbaords


  • App Management
  • App Updates
  • Remote Wipe-out
  • User Administration
  • Role Administration
  • Device Registration
  • Transaction Audit Logs
  • Usage Analytics


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Client Interview
Jul 09 2015

European Bank's Application Development with Appzillon


Ease of use: 
Willing to refer: 
the reviewer
$10,001 - $100,000/yr. spend
Financial Services
51-200 Employees
CEO, European Retail Bank
The Review

The client is a retail bank located in Tajikistan. This client was in need of an application development platform that would integrate with their core banking system, FLEXCUBE, easily. This client decided on the Appzillon platform and their support team for their previous experience integrating their product with FLEXCUBE. The client is very satisfied with Appzillon and the flexibility of their platform and support team. This client is looking forward to Appzillon continuing to develop their partner ecosystem in order to increase the potential scope of future development projects.


Can you please provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there?

We're a small retail bank in Tajikistan. I am the CEO of the bank.


What was the business challenge your company was facing that incited the need for an application development platform?

We were looking for an easy way to setup internet banking and a mobile solution with someone who had experience with FLEXCUBE [Oracle's Financial Services Software], which is our core banking system. The biggest challenge was the finding a platform and team that understood FLEXCUBE integration.


How does your company implement Appzillon?

We use Appzillon for an internet banking application. We have our Internet banking application on top of Appzillon, and it's connected to our core banking system. Our app displays transactions and users are able to perform transactions. Our applications are available on Web, Android, and iOS.

Was your company considering other platforms? Why this platform?

Appzillon had a ton of experience with FLEXCUBE, so having our application based on their platform was the natural choice. This way we would avoid all the unforeseen integration problems with FLEXCUBE. With Appzillon, we were able to build our product very quickly. I wasn't looking platform by platform to see which one was better, and which one was worse. It was more about finding someone who has a development platform and knows how to do FLEXCUBE integrations very well.

What pricing plan does your company currently utilize?

It's around $1,500 per month.


Can you share any success, metrics, or overall results of your implementation of this platform?

Our app is running well. It was set up fairly quickly, and that was an achievement in itself. It's not like we were transitioning from another platform. We didn't have Internet banking before, so it was an achievement that we rolled it out so quickly. In terms of metrics, we are currently testing it in some of our branches. Once that's done, we are going to roll it out across all of branches in the country. We have faith that it will be very successful.


Were there any software features or tools that really impressed you?  

Appzillon is easy and flexible – that is good. Interaction with them for support was good, and they are prompt. But, it's the early days of the application, so things might take a little bit longer. In general, I'm real happy.

Looking back, were there any areas of the software that feel could be added or improved upon?

Unlike the other development platforms, I don't think the partner ecosystem is developed, which limits the scope a lot.


We have a few quick questions and, for each question, we ask you to rate the software on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. What would you give the software for ease of use and implementation?


What would you give the software for desired functionality of the features available?


For support and responsiveness of the team or resources available?


For overall satisfaction with the platform?


How likely are you to recommend the software to a colleague or similar business?


Overall Score
  • 4.0 Features
  • 4.0 Ease of Use
  • 5.0 Support
  • 4.0 Willing to Refer
Screen shots and videos

Appzillon - i-exceed's unified mobile application development platform video

Mashreq bank - Instant Information Access App Image

Mashreq bank - Instant Information Access App

Mashreq Bank Dashboard app retrieves critical MIS information from back-end systems and provides deep insights into the business metrics with the help of interactive charts and tabular data representation. It allows the business heads to get instance access from their smartphones, tablets and laptops

Exim Bank - Banking for All Image

Exim Bank - Banking for All

Exim Bank app extends the bank’s reach to its customers through multiple channels. It provides a comprehensive mobile and online banking platform to the customers and enables them to perform all banking transactions from anywhere using any mobile device

Esoko - Farmers Information Dissemination App Image

Esoko - Farmers Information Dissemination App

Esoko agricultural information system acts as a network, connecting farmers with the information they need, through their mobile phones. The app helps in collating various data across regions, which is then sent to all those who subscribe to the service. The app is designed to work in rural conditions with intermittent internet connection

CCCT College - New learning experience Image

CCCT College - New learning experience

CCCT student management system is a single application for administration, registration and to access student information. The system acts a portal for students to view course information from any device and it also sends updates via notifications. The system is future-proofed to handle the needs of the college in managing students and their information.

Spitamen Bank - Bringing the banks to the digital world Image

Spitamen Bank - Bringing the banks to the digital world

Spitamen Bank app supports all key consumer banking transactions such as account enquiry, bill payments, transfers, beneficiary registration, biller registration, statements, etc., on mobile and Internet platforms. It is available in English, Russian and Tajik languages. The app offers a user friendly interface and facilitates

Appzillon RM Plus  Image

Appzillon RM Plus

A relationship management application with many industry firsts. This application helps relationship managers to:

  • Manage performance related activities with a dashboard that displays metrics of key business indicators
  • Target customers efficiently using a customer portfolio heat map
  • Seamlessly integrate with
multiple back-end services for better data aggregation
  • Work offline in order to access customers from outside the bank’s network
  • Appzillon AOS ( Account Orgination System) Image

    Appzillon AOS ( Account Orgination System)

    register for banking services by themselves
  • Measure performance and manage work flows
  • Capture, archive, and access documents using our unique document capture technology
  • Reduce paperwork and significantly improve branch productivity
  • "Solution has been deployed with one of the Tier one Bank in Singapore"

    Appzillon Omni Channel Consumer Banking  Image

    Appzillon Omni Channel Consumer Banking

    A cross channel banking application that brings retail banking to customers’ fingertips. This feature rich application enables customers to:

    • Access banking accounts and perform financial transactions on the move, Register service requests and new account opening requests
    • Receive actionable notifications
    • Manage
    secure communication with the service desk
  • Increase the engagement levels with the latest features on mobile devices
  • Extend your legacy services in a unified way across channels, devices, browsers, and platforms
  • Get enterprise grade security with multi-factor authentication, secure data transmission, encrypted storage, etc.
  • " Solution has been deployed across multiple banks across the globe"

    Appzillon Omni Channel Corporate Banking Image

    Appzillon Omni Channel Corporate Banking

    A cross channel banking application that promotes your corporate banking relationships, and application empowers corporate customers to:

    • View a detailed relationship dashboard and drill down into each account
    • Access treasury and trade portfolios and perform actions
    • Organize payments and process them
  • Access cash positions and perform liquidity management operations
  • Configure workflows and perform approvals
  • Create department level users and manage user entitlements
  • Receive aggregated information from multiple back-end applications
  • Perform actions with enterprise grade security in each layer