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Nov 12 2015

AngularJS Speeds Up User Interface Development


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Information Technology and Services
51-200 Employees
Full Stack Developer, Cabot Technology Solutions
Shiju TV
The Review

The AngularJS user is a full-stack developer at Cabot Technology Solutions. This user and their team were looking for a tool to help improve and speed up their ability to develop mobile applications rapidly. This user uses AngularJS as a tool to increase their productivity by creating reusable widgets. This user recommends that all users of AngularJS understand the background operations of the tool fully before implementing it.

Can you provide a brief description of your company and the role that you play there?

I am a full-stack developer at Cabot Technology Solutions Inc.

How does your company use this solution?

We are use AngularJS to make widgets, so that we can "plug and play" these widgets anywhere in the application. We are focused on rapid application development, and we are able to speed up our development process using these widgets. 

What was your company hoping to accomplish through the use of this solution?

We were implementing MVC [model-view-controller] to improve a client's user interface. We were also focusing on building reusable components, and we did much of this using AngularJS directives.

Within your company, how many users actively use this solution?

We have an efficient team of eight members who are familiar with and use AngularJS. 

Was your company considering other solutions? Why this solution?

We don' have expertise in any other JavaScript MVC frameworks. We chose AngularJS to make the development of web apps easier and faster than they were before. By using AngularJS, it is easier to build interactive web applications.

Are you familiar with the payment plan your company subscribes to in order to this solution?

AngularJS is an open source JavaScript framework, so it is free.

Have you had to interact with the support team or reference their support resources?

Yes. Their community forum is very helpful.


Can you share any success stories, metrics, or overall results of your company's use of this solution?

We have developed around 15 applications using AngularJS including web and hybrid mobile applications. The UI [user interface] development is very fast. 

Are there any solutions features or tools that really stand out?  

AngularJS as a UI solution is in general very helpful.


Are there any features or aspects of the solution upon which could be improved?

AngularJS could improve their $watch background operations. They could improve $emit and $broadcast operations as well. Lastly, they should improve the support documentation for older versions of AngularJS.


What recommendations or suggestions do you have for other users considering this solution?

In my opinion, it is always better to understand the background operations of components that AngularJS provides properly before using them. If developers blindly use $emit and $broadcast components, it may cause performance issues.


We ask that you to rate the solution on a scale of one to five, with five being the best. Feel free to use half increments. What would you give the solution for functionality?  

Four and a half.

What would you give the solution for ease of use?

Four and a half.

For support, as in responsiveness of their team or helpfulness of the resources available? 

Four and a half.

For overall satisfaction with the solution? 


How likely are you to recommend the solution to a colleague or similar business? 


Overall Score
  • 4.5 Features
  • 4.5 Ease of Use
  • 4.5 Support
  • 4.0 Willing to Refer