2020 Reviews

Top Cross Platform App Development Tools - 2019 Reviews

Looking for an App Developer to Build an App for You?

$25 - $49 / hr
  • JetBrains AppCode

    An integrated development environment for iOS and OS X development

    • $199/year
    • Free trial
  • Appear Networks

    An enterprise mobility software great for industries with mobile employees

  • Corona Labs

    A single code base cross platform development tool

    • $80 - $200/month
    • Free version
    Made for:

    Users with development skill working to build cross-platform applications from a single base of code. Corona has a strong focus on mobile game development.

  • Appscend

    A PHP-based cross-platform development tool

    • Free trial
  • AppGyver

    An app creator for improving business processes

    • $9/user/month
    • Free version
    Made for:

    Users looking for features and functions meant for improving business processes.

    Not for:

    Businesses working to implement marketing or loyalty programs through an app.

  • Pega 7

    An enterprise app solution with key mobile, cloud, and BPM integrations

    • $2,000/mo and up
    • Free trial
    Made for:

    Business process and case management, making code/process changes quickly

    Not for:

    Simple static apps, strong versioning controls, constrained budgets

  • Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

    A mobile app platform for enterprises turning to mobile first

    • $49 - $8,500/yr
    • Free Version
    Made for:

    Mobile first innovation, iterative development

    Not for:

    Non-Linux users, proprietary software proponents

  • TrackVia

    A cloud-based application platform for moving away from spreadsheets

    • Custom pricing
    • Configure bespoke solution
    Made for:

    Businesses of all sizes that heavily utilize spreadsheets to manage work processes.

    Not for:

    Non-enterprise users or non-business-process improvement applications.

  • Halosys

    An enterprise MBaaS API platform and a mobile information management solution

    Made for:

    Enterprise level clients looking for a managed application solution.

  • MobileSmith

    A rapid app development platform made for non-programmers

    Made for:

    Users with extensive app development needs but little to no development experience.

    Not for:

    Users looking for a truly do-it-yourself and quick app development tool.

  • AnyPresence

    An enterprise app solution with MbaaS at the core of its offering

    • $500/mo and up
    • Free trial
  • Embarcadero Technologies

    An enterprise app solution with a suite of rapid development tools

    • $500/mo and up
    • Free trial
  • appsfreedom

    A rapid mobile application development platform that connects with Salesforce

    • $1499/month
    • Free version
  • Convertigo

    An open source mobile app development platform and MBaaS app solution

    • Contact us
    • Free version, Free trial
  • Appery.io

    A cross-platform tool focused on enterprise clients (formerly Tiggzi)

    • $25 - $180/month
    • Free trial
    Made for:

    Businesses working to decrease time-to-market while avoiding native application development.

    Not for:

    Individuals or mom & pop shops looking for a simple app maker.

  • Buzztouch

    An open source and web-based platform fro cross-platform development

    • $15/month
    • Free trial
    Made for:

    Users with at least a basic knowledge of development and interested in building web-based applications. 

  • iBuildApp

    App building platform with 1000 templates to create a business mobile app

    • $15 - $158/month
    • Money back guarantee
    Made for:

    Users looking for a web-based tool to make and host apps on the iOS and Android platforms.

    Not for:

    Users looking to produce highly native-like applications.

  • Formotus

    An app solution meant to replace forms and paper documents with mobile apps

    • $30 - $40/user/month
    • Free trial
    Made for:

    Users with extensive paper documentation that are in need of a solution to turn those forms into apps.

    Not for:

    Users needing custom marketing, graphic, or UX-focused applications.

  • WaveMaker Platform (Pramati)

    A rapid application development and deployment platform for enterprises

    • $1500 / Month
    Made for:

    Business productivity apps, internal apps that automate processes, media apps, and legacy app modernization.

    Not for:

    Gaming apps, animation or highly interactive consumer apps similar to Uber and Facebook.

  • Spring Global

    A mobile solution provider for enterprises in the CPG industry

    • $2,000/mo and up
    • None
    Made for:

    A mobile enterprise solution provider with a focus on solutions for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

    Not for:

    Direct to consumer marketing

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