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Stealth Mode Social Game for US Startup

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Bamboo Group supplemented an existing app development team in an engineering capacity. The deliverable was a stealth-mode social game, which Bamboo delivered quickly for a soft launch.

Feedback summary: 

Bamboo Group’s effort reduced production timeline and production costs. The team demonstrated strong communication skills and the flexibility to adapt to particularities with the end user. They were willing to compromise, which was an asset in development.

"We [like] their strong project management skills and their ability to understand our end client’s requirements."


We are a startup team based in the US. We used Bamboo to help create a stealth consumer mobile application. The application is a social game, but due to the terms of a strict non-disclosure agreement in place, I cannot provide more detail about the application.

I lead the product management duties on behalf of the end client.


We already had a team of product and engineering managers in place to facilitate the project and guide the overall direction. However, we did not have the engineering staff required, and hiring a US-based staff would have likely been cost prohibitive. We needed a partner to deliver a quality application in a very tight timeline.


We discovered Bamboo through word of mouth. We started off by interacting with them and letting the team at Bamboo know about our key concerns. We ended up extending our scope of interaction on the project with Bamboo because of their strong project management skills and their ability to understand our end client’s requirements. To date, we have spent over $130,000, but we have an agreement ongoing from now until when we choose to terminate. The current budget is just over $200,000.


By working with Bamboo, we significantly reduced our project costs and accelerated our development timeline. It was a very short period of time from starting development to the soft launch. Bamboo stands out in my mind for their clear communication, willingness to compromise, and fast engineering timelines. Bamboo has also performed well in how they’ve handled our client’s special needs.


Overall Score A 5/5 to me would equate to them being at a Google or Facebook level of engineering talent, which no offshore team has shown me to date. That being said Bamboo is one of the better teams I've worked with so far.
  • 4.0 Scheduling
    They were on time with their scheduling, but they weren't early.
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    Value / within estimates
  • 4.5 Quality
    Service & deliverables
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    I'd be happy to refer people to them, and actively am.