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Mobile Development of Taxi Application

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BAMBOO APPS built a mobile application for a taxi service to enhance user interaction and integrate short dial codes for taxi services. The app was built on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

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The final app was well crafted and diverse, with a catalog of services and custom taxi areas. BAMBOOAPPS exceeded expectations and was professional throughout the project, meeting all deadlines and milestones. The team provided useful advice and suggestions on app features.

"We are absolutely certain that the final product has a good value and is worth the investment."


Velcom is the first GSM-operator in the Republic of Belarus. Since November 2007, Velcom has been a member of Telekom Austria Group, one of the most successful telecommunication holdings in Central and Eastern Europe, which currently consists of a fixed net in Austria and eight mobile communication operational companies. The number of subscribers exceeds 4.8 million people.  The company is successfully partnering with the world’s top suppliers including Nokia Siemens Networks, Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, IBM Lenovo, and Huawei.

My current position at Velcom is Head of VAS [value-added services].


We needed to develop a multiplatform mobile application which could operate as the fullest catalog of taxi services. We wanted to enhance user interaction for our brand and integrate the base of short dialing codes of all taxi services in the app. We were aimed at providing an easy-to-use service to a wide audience in particular for people who live in medium and small cities.


BAMBOOAPPS built a well-crafted multiplatform app, operating across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. We just wanted to make sure that we covered every common device.

The app contains the fullest catalog of all taxi services for the country, which is updated by our content department every week. The database is managed by means of custom administration area. Each user can book a taxi with one tap right from the list or from a user-friendly editable dashboard.

The developer’s team uses a pricing model with a contractual hourly rate.

The project’s duration was 10 weeks. The final build was completed on August 28, 2013.

We are working together as partners since 2012. We are completely satisfied with our collaboration during previous and ongoing projects. 


Soon after launch, the iOS version of the app reached the top rank in Belarusian App Store [Free Overall and Travel category]. The taxi app is still in the top three for free apps [Travel category] in the App Store in Belarus.

The taxi app project fully met our requirements. It even exceeded our expectations in user interface design and features delivered on the project. BAMBOOAPPS performed very professionally. They met all the deadlines and milestone dates on the project, suggested a couple of extra features which were added to the scope operatively and didn’t increase the overall cost.

Looking back on the work so far, I cannot think of anything significant we could do differently while working on the project. We had a couple of touch-and-go moments, but we are absolutely certain that the final product has a good value and is worth the investment.

We’re definitely pleased with the overall results. It all came off perfect, and finished working smoothly.


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