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Mobile Application Development for European Telecom Group

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BAMBOOAPPS created a cross-platform app that allows customers to share information through QR codes quickly. The team met tight deadlines, creating wireframes, designs, codes and performing maintenance.

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The application meets all project goals, including auto-detect scanning, integrated social media, and QR code storage. BAMBOOAPPS demonstrated attention to detail during the project, and provided immediate support for any post-project issues. The team is now working on development of another app. 


"BAMBOOAPPS exhibited a high level of care during this project."


Being a member of Telekom Austria Group (TAG) since 2007, our company is a leading mobile GSM-operator in the Republic of Belarus. My current position is project manager in the cloud & managed services department.


We were looking for a mobile solution that could allow our customers to encode and share various information as quickly as possible and can be effectively used during our marketing campaigns. 

Our company wanted a cross-platform mobile app that would deliver a better user experience for our customers. The core idea of the project was to build a quick easy-to-use QR [quick response] code reader/generator that can operate steadily and reliably on different mobile platforms. vQR app, developed by BAMBOOAPPS, completely meets all these goals.


BAMBOOAPPS developed a mobile application for three major mobile platforms, [such as] iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, within the budget and under tight timeframes. They have also done some work related to in-app analytics integration and App Store data tracking.

After seven weeks of work, BAMBOOAPPS delivered the vQR app that turns a smartphone into a digital scanner and delivers such features as auto-detect scanning, an integrated Web browser, social media integration, QR codes in-app storage and more.

During the initial stage of the project, BAMBOOAPPS delivered a clear and well-structured vision of the future product. They defined all the essential app functions at the implementation level.

The project scope included planning, wireframing, designing, coding, and maintenance. We did a little bit of testing in-house, but they handled almost everything. In terms of cost, the project scope was $17,300. The final build was completed on August 21, 2014.


BAMBOOAPPS exhibited a high level of care during this project. After the application was developed, some minor issues came up, so we received immediate support for a range of queries. We now have over two years’ experience with launching multiple projects in collaboration with BAMBOOAPPS.

One project ended, and we're starting another one now. Our company is extremely satisfied with the work of their team and we absolutely recommend BAMBOOAPPS as a trusted vendor to any mobile operator or service provider in the telecommunication industry.


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