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Mobile App Development for Travel Site

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Project summary: 

Miquido built two mobile apps on a short timeline. The team completed the full design, development, and testing for several iterations of the apps. They also collaborated on UX design and process improvement.

Feedback summary: 

The apps received good user feedback, generated an excellent conversion rate, and earned 4-star ratings in the app store. Miquido was engaged throughout the project and responded well to the expeditious timeline. They were proactive in project management and understood requirements and challenges.

"The Miquido team is very high energy and had a good level of development skills."


Please describe your organization.

Skyscanner is a global search engine that enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels, and car hire.

What is your position?

I am a product manager. I was working on our car hire side of the business when I came into contact and worked with Miquido specifically on the car hire Android and iOS app.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Miquido?

We didn't have a car hire app at that moment. We wanted to build an app fairly rapidly, and one of my colleagues identified Miquido as a suitable candidate to be able to do just that.


Please describe the scope of their involvement in detail.

Miquido went through a number of iterations for the app. Initially, we just provided the product requirements, and Miquido did the full design, development, and testing. As time went on, we reached a point where we were driving the product, in terms of product manager, and we had a UX [user experience] designer on our side, but worked closely with the development team at Miquido. We shared the testing, so we had test engineers on both teams.

We did a fair amount of work around improving our processes and that was very much collaboration in the two teams, given that we're geographically in different locations. We reached a point where the direction was given by us, but we would work together to decide what is the most important thing and what's technically possible and the direction we were going. Miquido inputted into that as well and gave feedback.

How did you come to work with Miquido?

A colleague of mine looked at various options. Initially, we just wanted a prototype in a short span of time and as I say, it was felt Miquido came across as very ambitious, very fast moving, a relatively new company looking to make an impact. They were able to respond to our request that we wanted it done reasonably fast. They could actually handle that and deliver that, and they'd be able to respond in the timescale that we wanted. Plus, on the financial side of things, they were reasonable as well.

What is the status of this engagement?

We've finished the car hire app project and we've brought that in-house. We've brought together the flights, hotels and car hire into one app, so our requirements for working with a third party ended. We stopped working with Miquido around July 2015.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

We've gotten great user feedback on the app. In terms of the app store ratings, we're at a 4 out of 5 for both apps. We also have a great conversion rate on the app.

How did Miquido perform from a project management standpoint?

Miquido did very well. They are very responsive and always on hand in terms of being available as part of the weekly sprints that we ran. We ran sprints every two weeks, and they were very engaged in that process, which is good for us.

Project management-wise, Miquido was very proactive. They were able to understand our requirements and challenges, especially the pain points around at what point are we going to get out of an app so that we can test it initially and then coming back with obviously the bugs that we found. We did a lot of work around process improvements, looking at where the bottleneck is in our step and development process lifecycle.

Even at the end, we terminated on good terms, and they were very helpful even. We went through a ramp-down maintenance mode with the app, and they were able to help during that period, and there was iOS upgrade during the final period, so they were able to help with a specific issue that we appreciated and that they didn't necessarily have to do that. They gave guidance on a specific upgrade regression – something stopped working – so that helped us as well.

What distinguishes Miquido from other providers?

They came to Edinburgh a few times, and we had a number of onsite workshops. They were very proactive in coming forward with ideas to improve the products. They were always looking at how do we improve, even though it wasn't a Miquido car hire app, they bought into what we were trying to do so that made it much easier for us.

The Miquido team is very high energy and had a good level of development skills. They were aware of trends and changes that were happening, especially with any iOS or Android release. They would then be able to understand what implications this had on the current app quickly, what we needed to change to ensure that we were making full use of the operating system, so that was very helpful.

Is there anything Miquido could have improved or done differently?

Not really.


Overall Score It was a very good experience.
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    There are times when things don't go to plan...they were very proactive in terms of making it clear when they could deliver and when they couldn't...The way we did our sprints meant that we were finding that information out sooner...
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    Value / within estimates
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    Service & deliverables
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