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Mobile App Development for Telecom Company

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Project summary: 

Bamboo Group designed and developed an iOS, Android and Web app to connect a company and its subscribers, giving customers access to their accounts. They then integrated the app with existing business systems.

Feedback summary: 

When the project requirements changed, Bamboo adapted quickly, resubmitting their timelines and their development plan. Although there was a minor challenge with identifying bugs, the app was bug-free by launch. They applied their critical analysis skills to deliver a customer-centric experience.

"The Bamboo Group team demonstrated excellent analytical skills and nailed the customer requirements."


Please briefly describe your organization.

Velcom is a leading mobile global system for mobile operator in the Republic of Belarus.

What role do you play at Velcom?

My role is a project manager of cloud and managed services department.


What was the business challenge you wanted to accomplish?

When developing the concept of the app we wanted to make it more convenient for our subscribers to access their personal mobile accounts. The new app needed to serve as a new communication channel between our company and subscribers.


What was the scope of Bamboo Group work?

Bamboo Group was in charge of end-to-end development of the iOS, Android, and Windows applications. They designed, developed, and tested the app. They were also responsible for all the integrations within our API [application programming interface] and existing internal CRM [customer relationship management].

Please provide an estimate of total project size.

This project was in the range of $10,000 to $49,999.


Are there any success stories of the project that you can share?

The Bamboo Group team demonstrated an ability to adapt to changes quickly. In the middle of the work, we decided to add some additional features that were not previously discussed. Bamboo Group quickly reviewed our requirements, updated timelines, and included the new functionalities. These guys are helpful and flexible.

Are there any specific qualities that set Bamboo Group apart from other partners?

The Bamboo Group team demonstrated excellent analytical skills and nailed the customer requirements. They delivered a powerful customer-centric mobile solution.

Were there any areas for improvement?

There were several bugs discovered in the pre-production binaries. In some cases, we felt that there was some confusion while dealing with their testing team. But, all bugs were fixed prior to the app's release and the app performed well.

Please summarize your overall satisfaction.

To sum up, the Bamboo Group team met our business challenge by delivering an innovative self-service solution, which gave subscribers direct control on their account, increased customer satisfaction, and reduced traffic to the operator's support centers. The development team provided a user-friendly mobile solution that goes beyond expectations, offering a rich user experience while reducing our operating costs. The app allows subscribers to control their personal account balance, activate in one-click all Velcom's services, easily browse various types of content, and catch up with our latest promotions and news. The results were excellent and the customer feedback has been positive. It should be noted that Bamboo Group is a trusted strategic partner of Velcom and is key in our mobile app development initiative and strategy.


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