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Juego Studios

London Studio iOS Game

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Juego developed a mobile game for iOS, which involved the initial design, the coding, and the creation of all visual and audio assets. The team also uploaded the finished games to the App Store.

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The games that the team develops are of high quality but could benefit from additional testing before being delivered. Regardless, Juego is very easy to work with, and their success has allowed them to branch out and grow as an independent software developer company.

"The quality of the output is much better than other software houses that we’ve dealt with in India."


Could you provide a bit of background about  your company?

We are a holding company that develops apps, web apps and mobile apps. Some of our applications are mobile-based; we don't have any in-house expertise, so we outsource the development.


What was your process for discovering and choosing Juego Studios to work with?

When we found Juego, they were actually not Juego. They were working as a team at a larger software house in India. We worked with them on two longer term projects, two games that took a total development period of around 10 months. During this period, they finished the games for us, bumped themselves out of the company, and created Juego. That's how we got to know them.


Could you tell me a little more about the typical scope of the project with them?

Right from concept, design to the architecture behind the game, all the way to the coding, animation, and sourcing of the sound files and the background music, all the way to the game testing and the final curation, until the product is ready to be uploaded to the app store. That was the scope of the whole project. There was a little bit of after-service, after it was launched from the support side, to take care of – if we had queries from our customers.

How long ago was the most recent project completed?

About three months ago.

Can you provide a general estimate for the project?

It was two projects. One was about $40,000, and the other was $25,000.


How happy are you with the results of what they’ve delivered?

I think on a scale of one to ten, I would say eight. The boutique has obviously gone a long way in the last three or four months since they spun out. Since they've spun out and created Juego, they've actually invested in R&D and better technical people, so I think they're a better team now than they were last year when we worked with them.

When working with them, is there anything that you find to be unique compared to other developers that you’ve worked with?

I think the quality of the output really stands out. Typically, if you look at outsourcing of software programs to India, the sacrifice that one has to make normally is in the quality of the product, the output. The second sacrifice one has to make is communication with the team. The English level is not that good and as a result, because of the time zone differential and the language differential, you get a lot of things that are lost in translation. With Juego, they're actually very well spoken, very worldly managers there. They are young and they grew up watching Hollywood movies and so on, so it's kind of working with a more local team. You don't feel like you're dealing with an Indian team. The quality of the output is much better than other software houses that we've dealt with in India.

Is there anything that you would do differently a second time around or you think that they could improve upon?

I would say testing. This is something that we're very big on as a house here in London, so for us it's all about quality. What we asked them to do, when they eventually spun out into Juego, was to hire some testers, so now they have a testing team in place. I think that's one thing that they could have done better, because we had to do a lot of that last year ourselves; they learned a lot from us. As a result, they've come a long way and now, I think they're very good at testing themselves.


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