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iOS and Android Development For Self-employed Entrepreneur

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Mindinventory Technologies designed and developed a local advertising app for the iOS and Android platforms. The project involved frequent collaboration, brainstorming and prototyping.

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Mindinventory Technologies consistently operated ahead of schedule. The team was personable and ambitious, working long hours and delivering materials beyond the project's original scope. Their affordable pricing, constant accessibility, and technical acuity set them apart.

"They don't treat me like a client. They just treat me as if I'm one of them."


Please describe your organization.

I'm a self-employed electronics engineer in the Caribbean.

What is your position?

I am the owner.


What business challenge were you trying to address with Mindinventory Technologies?

I wanted to create an app for advertising. Here in the islands, most people just publish on flyers. I wanted to develop a more environmentally friendly way of doing it. Also, by having the ads on an app, the information would always be current.


Please describe the scope of their involvement.

The development was for iOS and Android. I just went to them with a partial idea, and they took care of everything. They helped me figure out the scope and requirements. They supplied a project manager to help coordinate things. I participated in a Skype call with three or four of their people. As I explained what I wanted, they were giving their input. For each suggestion they had, they gave two or three options I could choose from and provided examples. They worked in a collaborative way, which was good for me. I had an idea of what I wanted, but I didn't know the specifics. It was a situation where you don't know what you want until you see it.

I was in correspondence with about four or five members of their team the whole time. The developer who was responsible for the Android version would send me his work to get my approval, and we would discuss back and forth how it was working, and whether I had any questions. Whenever I sent a message or had a question, they replied right away. Their time is nine and a half hours different from me, but we didn't have any communication problems. Even if I sent a question at 12 o'clock my time, which would be 9:30 their time, they replied within five or 10 minutes.

I had another project that I put out for tender, and I had about 40 companies trying to do it. However, they didn't get the whole scope of what I wanted to accomplish. When I went back to Mindinventory, they just came right out and gave me four or five designs. There were a few things that I didn't know were needed, and they put it all together for me.

How did you come to work with Mindinventory Technologies?

I posted a job on Elance, and I selected 15 companies based on their profiles. I spoke with several of the agencies that submitted bids, but most of them just didn't understand what I wanted. Mindinventory just started giving me information on what they could do with my idea as I talk to them, so that's why I selected them.

Could you provide a sense of the size of this initiative in financial terms?

I've invested about $10,000 with them so far.

What is the status of this engagement?

They're actually doing another project for me right now, as we speak. We just started this one about a week ago.


Could you share any statistics or metrics from this engagement?

Because of where I live in the Caribbean, everything I do is only for local use, not globally. My country is small, and I can find out from statistics here in the business community. I've not yet gathered any statistics at this time.

How did Mindinventory Technologies perform from a project management standpoint?

They laid out about five or six steps, target points that they would meet. They were ahead of schedule on every task I assigned to them by a day or two. We communicated using Skype, email, and telephone and it seemed to work very well.

What distinguishes Mindinventory Technologies from other providers?

I can't say what is special as I've never used any other company like them. What I like is that Mindinventory talks to me like family, other than the fact that they call me "Sir." They don't treat me like a client. They just treat me as if I'm one of them. Anytime I pick up the phone and call someone, they are there. I can send a message to the owner [Mehul Rajput] at any hour, day or night, and he replies very quickly. One time, I wanted something changed, so I sent them a message. They got it changed in the App Store and Google Play Store, and they didn't charge anything for it. That's the level of customer service that they bring to the table.

Is there anything Mindinventory Technologies could have improved or done differently?

To me, they are on top of their game. I don't see any faults. They deliver on time, and they give me a fair price. Even if I'm a little late making a payment to them, they continue with the project and wait for the funds. The project never was stopped at any time, not even for payment.


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