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Touch Instinct

App Development for Online Travel Agency

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Project summary: 

Touch Instinct redesigned the UI of an existing iOS app. They created the new design for iPad and iPhone layouts and managed the entire project.

Feedback summary: 

The new UI is complete but has not yet been implemented. Touch Instinct worked efficiently as a team, providing both professional project management and an enjoyable, personable approach to the partnership.

"Touch Instinct managed to find the balance between formal project management and informal, fun, friendly interaction."


Could you please describe your company? is one of the leading online travel agencies in Russia.

What is the role that you play there?

I am the Executive Director of the company.


What was the business challenge that you were trying to address when you approachedTouch Instinct?

Our aim was to redesign the User Interface [UI] of our iOS app: FlySindbad.

What was your process for selecting Touch Instinct?

We had met with the Touch Instinct team a few times before working with them. So I asked the team from Touch Instinct to make a brief presentation of their approach to designing interfaces.


Please describe the scope of the project?

Touch Instinct was responsible for creating a new UI design for both iPad and iPhone layouts, as well as managing the project.

What was the cost of this project?

The cost of the project was $5,900.


Do you have any metrics or results from the project?

As we haven’t implemented this UI yet, we don’t have any metrics to share at the moment.

How did Touch Instinct perform in terms of quality of the work and project management?

The Touch Instinct team was quite efficient. Touch Instinct also managed to find the balance between formal project management and informal, fun and friendly interaction. We were very happy with Touch Instinct's project management! Well done, guys!

Looking back on the project, is there any area that they could improve?

I wish their app development prices were lower. They are a too high for me.


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