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App Development for Large Telecommunications Company

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Bamboo Group developed an e-learning app that integrated with an existing web platform. Key features were account management, progress tracking, and messaging. Data security was a priority.

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In addition to development, Bamboo designed the user interface, which made the product what it was. The team worked quickly to fix any issues that arose. They have been contracted to implement the second iteration of the app.

"The best thing about working with Bamboo Group is that they’re really supportive and responsive."


The client is Mobile TeleSystems JLLC, the leading telecommunication company in the Republic of Belarus. I am the Business Analysis and Development Group Manager.


The primary challenge was creating a nationwide E-school management platform for The platform would be a new E-learning mobile experience that allows students, teachers and parents to access all school data via their smart phones and tablets. We wanted to be able to take all of the information that is processed and managed by the platform, and put it at the audience's fingertips.


The Bamboo Group’s passionate and intensive work led to the launch of the E-School app, a mobile application that brings the traditional learning processes into the digital age. The app is seamlessly integrated with platform built for managing, tracking and reporting all key school data in the Republic of Belarus. Users have 24/7 access to curricula, administration, time lines, and other important school information.

All data is kept safe. The E-School app securely receives data from the platform. Parents, students, and teachers then use a unique username and password to view the data in E-School. Using the E-School app, students can view daily homework and due dates, track teachers' assignments, check out school events and more. Parents can monitor their children’s’ weekly performance and receive progress reports after each semester. Once the instant messaging feature is implemented in the upcoming update, the E-School app will certainly become a powerful must-have tool for today's 21st-century learners.


Bamboo Group took all of our concepts and our ideas and brought them to life. They essentially designed and built the entire app.

The best thing about working with Bamboo Group is that they’re really supportive and responsive in dealing with issues as they arose. There were times when something was not functioning properly or we saw something wrong with the app during our initial testing. Their team rapidly identified the issues and corrected them very quickly.

In terms of areas of improvement, we can note that there's nothing major. All the improvements and additional requirements we have will be soon be implemented in the second version of the E-School app.


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