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Android Development & Out-Staffed iOS Resource

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Average: 4.5 (1 vote)


Average: 4.5 (1 vote)

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Average: 4.5 (1 vote)

Project summary: 

Arty Geek works on a subcontracted basis providing development expertise. So far, they’ve been involved in two projects; one is a native iOS game, and the other is an Android cryptocurrency exchange app.

Feedback summary: 

Arty Geek delivers satisfactory results and end customers have been pleased so far. Their staff is responsive, adaptive, and fixes bugs quickly without billing extra. While they could increase their UI/UX expertise, they get the job done without requiring micromanagement.

"I’ve been overall satisfied with Arty Geek over both of our projects."


Introduce your business and what you do there.

I am a co-founder and CEO of a company that provides software development services similar to those of Arty Geek.


What challenge were you trying to address with Arty Geek?

We have worked with them on a subcontracting basis for two projects. One of them was an Android cryptocurrency solution, and the other was the outsourcing of an iOS game app.


What was the scope of their involvement?

Our first project was for an end-to-end solution for an XDR wallet. It was a blockchain platform for peer-to-peer exchanges of cryptocurrency. It was written in Ruby on Rails by our team, but we needed to develop an Android application with backend integration, which was done by Arty Geek. They also developed and supported a native iOS game on behalf of a German client.

Our own product owner was in charge of the Scrum and delivery process. We have used one or two iOS and Android developers and a project manager from Arty Geek’s side. We paid them on a time-and-materials basis.

How did you come to work with Arty Geek?

We found them through a recommendation from someone on the Ukrainian market around 1½ years ago.

How much have you invested with Arty Geek?

The cost of Arty Geek’s work has been around $30,000 so far. The cost of one software developer is $3,700 per month.

What is the status of this engagement?

We started working with Arty Geek in September 2016. We continue to use their iOS development services for a project which was started in November. The contract has been extended until June 2017.


Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

I am not aware of details of the Android project around quality assurance, acceptance, and delivery, but I know that the final customer was satisfied. There were some bugs, but Arty Geek fixed them and only billed us for project management — not the QA and the bug-fixing process itself.

I’ve been overall satisfied with Arty Geek over both of our projects. I would definitely work with Arty Geek again.

How did Arty Geek perform from a project management standpoint?

Their account and project managers are very responsive. They provided hour-by-hour estimates in the beginning, which were completely accurate. However, we had a strange situation with invoicing at one point.

For the second project, we worked with the client directly for project management, task setting, and briefings. Arty Geek handled HR details, invoicing, and so on. They worked on a dedicated, outsourced team model.

What did you find most impressive about Arty Geek?

There are many firms that feel the need to ping the client each day and ask questions just to be visible. Arty Geek hasn’t done this; they only appear when it’s really needed. They ask questions and do the work. It’s a self-guided process which doesn’t require micromanagement on our part.

Are there any areas Arty Geek could improve?

We tried to involve them in one more project, but couldn’t do so because of the level of UI/UX expertise on Arty Geek’s end. The product owner was not satisfied with the look of their applications, but that was just the opinion of one person.


Overall Score
  • 4.5 Scheduling
    We didn’t book the iOS developer for the full 6 months, but rather prolonged their contract month by month. This led to 1-week decision periods from Arty Geek’s side, and we didn’t know if we should find a replacement or not. Everything else was on time.
  • 4.5 Cost
    Value / within estimates
    I wouldn’t say that they’re expensive compared to other players who provide the same services and quality on the international market. There are cheaper options, but Arty Geek is okay in terms of price/quality.
  • 5.0 Quality
    Service & deliverables
    My clients and I are satisfied with how the application works. Everything has been deployed on time.
  • 4.5 NPS
    Willing to refer