Mobile Apps and the Healthcare Industry: Carving a Niche Together

May 07, 2019

Mobile apps are creating an easier way for medical providers to interact with patients. Apps can make the payment process simpler and increase the effectiveness of health monitors and diagnoses. 

Healthcare has undergone numerous changes over the past few years. Today, technology has streamlined many medical processes, making diagnosis more accurate and medicine more effective. 

Although technology has already paved the way for the healthcare industry, it is time for smart technology to take a lead.

IoT, AI, advanced payment methods, and data analytics have recently transformed the healthcare industry. 

These tools have been integrated into the healthcare industry by mobile apps

With the help of experienced mobile app development companies,  health experts and patients have witnessed a huge change in everything from diagnoses to intensive care. 

Use this article to analyze how mobile apps can enhance different technologies to make the healthcare industry more effective. 

Collaborate with IoT

Internet of Things (IoT) has been a buzzword in the world of technology for a long time now. 

Advanced technology is helping us reach new levels of technological advancement and its impact is growing every day.  

Now, there is an abundance of machines and devices that are used in the healthcare industry. These include ECG machines, MRI machines, ventilators, EHR systems, and more. 

As more advanced tools are introduced to the medical community, the internet has the ability to connect them all together as smart devices in the Internet of Things.  

Smartwatch paired with Smartphone through IoT

Mobile apps make the control, analysis, and reading of these devices easier. You can control the devices using a mobile app from a distance. Thus, patient supervision and emergency actions become easy and fast. 

Hospitals and other healthcare units have now started getting their own apps developed to facilitate IoT

Access Patient Record Management and Your Diagnosis Quickly

With the EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, hospitals have a better management process of patients. Mobile apps make this task even easier by having records and data easily accessible by phone or tablet. 

Through an easy and interactive interface, doctors can keep the patient’s record accessible at all times, including the patient’s name, diagnosis, medicines prescribed, medical history, and last visits. 

These apps can be custom-designed for a practitioner, hospital, or for general use. 

As well, these apps help patients locate different doctors and physicians available near them. People can select the best doctor, contact them, and discuss their illnesses with the doctor they choose. The doctors can also prescribe medicine through these apps. 

All of this is done in real-time and is best for people who cannot visit a doctor. These apps are also great for health emergencies. 

Monitor Your Health At Any Time

Wearable IoT devices are transforming how people relate to their health. With smart fitness wrist gear, it has become easy to monitor your every-day health status. 

You can connect your wrist gear with a mobile app to see and analyze the data related to your health. This includes metrics like steps taken in a day, sleep record, heart rate, blood pressure, and other things. 

You can access this information any time by tapping on the device on your wrist gear. Doctors have mentioned that with the wide usage of smart wrist gears and apps, there has been an improvement in people’s overall health. 

People who use wearables stay conscious of their health and take instant corrective measures if something is not right. This advanced way of monitoring one’s own health is slowly improving the health of people around the world. 

Pay Your Medical Bills Easily 

A number of mobile apps are available these days that let people transfer their money, pay bills, and do other money-related tasks with a click of a button. 

These apps make it easy for patients to pay bills at hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. A number of hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and clinics have adopted e-payment methods, which makes the bill payments hassle-free for patients. 

Below is an example of a Follow My Health app that allows people to view bills, renew prescriptions, and make appointments. 

Follow My Health App

When paying medical bills, just download the appropriate app for your medical provider and transfer the money to your doctor.  

This payment method is fast, hassle-free, and simple, but make sure to protect your data with a secured app

Make Your Mobile App Valuable to the Healthcare Industry

With all these benefits, mobile apps have made life easier for healthcare experts and their patients. These apps benefit the healthcare industry in many ways and work on different levels.

They give way to newer healthcare businesses and ideas like fitness apps, regular workout apps, and nutrition apps that are widely used by people these days. 

If you think a mobile app can help your healthcare business or idea, hire a mobile app developer for support.  

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