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How to Rank in the App Store

November 20, 2018

by Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Marketing Manager, Space-O Technologies

Ranking your app in the app store is hard work. This article lists tips that, if followed properly, can drive your app toward the top of the app store rankings.

Every company wants its app to rank among the top 10 in the app store, but to rank high takes hard work. You must continually optimize your app and upgrade it to match users’ needs.

There are thousands of apps launched every day, and the app store has to sift through each app to find ones that are unique and meet its guidelines. You need to work hard to stand out.

Below, I list some tips that will help your app stand out and eventually rank high in the app store.

App Store Optimization Leads to Better Discovery

You need to make your app discoverable if you want to get more people to download it, so it’s important to optimize your app for the app store.

The number of downloads for your app increases the credibility of your app, as per the algorithm the app store designed. But your app needs to be visible in the app store in order for people to download it.

Here are some tips that should help improve your app store optimization and increase the visibility of your app:

  • Icon
  • Title optimization
  • Screenshots
  • Description
  • Keywords utilization

To revise and remember these tips, check out this simple infographic from Robin on Optimizely.

How discoverable is your app? Improve user acquisition by optimizing these factors

  • The name of your app should not be generic and should connect well with audiences. Make sure you don’t use names of apps already in existence in the app store. That is a black-hat technique, as it deceives users into downloading your app, thinking it is something different.
  • The icon of your app is users’ first view of your app. It needs to be eye-catching and appealing to draw users in.
  • Use keywords up to 100 characters in the keyword space in the app store. Make sure you don’t include the app’s name or long-tail keywords, as it limits the key phrase combinations and ultimately will not drive enough traffic.
  • Add a description of about 50 characters for the app. This is the stage where you lose or win new users, as this will tell users what the app is about and help them determine if they should download it.
  • Define the category of the app (such as Education, Lifestyle, or Entertainment) before uploading it to the app store. This will help you ensure your app reaches its target audience.
  • Target keywords that are low competition but define high search volumes. Use online tools such as Google Keyword Planner or Ahrefs (paid) to find keywords.
  • Upload screenshots of the app that can clearly explain more about the app and show users how it looks. Make sure you submit high-resolution images to the app store.
  • Create an introductory 15- to 30-second video with the app’s preview to further show users what they can expect from your app. In fact, according to StoreMaven, this short video increases app downloads by 23%.

These optimization techniques will help increase your app’s visibility in the app store. Whenever someone searches for a similar app, your app will show up, thus gaining traction and attention from your target audience.

Eventually, with time and an increase in the number of downloads, you can win the top title in the app store if you optimize it properly.

Earn Positive Reviews

Earning genuine reviews and high ratings for your app are essential factors in improving its ranking in the app store. An app with only negative reviews certainly won’t rank high.

It is important to create an app that will garner positive reviews from users.

Reach out to customers in your target audience and encourage them to use your app and provide reviews and feedback.

A good rating and solid review will always rank you higher in the app store. In fact, it is one of the most important factors in the non-technical attributes that help you rank, as shown in this image from University College London research.

Factors of ranking high in the app store

Other important factors include the number of installs, price, API usage, and category.

You must have positive reviews for your app in order for you to rank in the app store.

Retain Users and Earn Their Loyalty

It’s essential to listen to users’ wants in order to improve your app store ranking.

If users want more features on your app, it’s important to add these improvements. This will engage them and keep them interested in your app. If you don’t give users what they want, they will stop using and eventually uninstall your app.

Once the app is released, listen to users’ reviews. If they believe a particular feature can improve their experience, you should think about including it in your app.

Know what customers care about most, and think of ways you can add it to your app.

If you don’t meet user wants, people will not engage with your app, and it will not find success in the app store.

Rank High in the App Store

The right combination of optimization, feedback incorporation, and retention methods will help increase your app’s rankings and gradually get it to the top-10 mark.

It is hard work and takes time, but following these tips will make your app popular with audiences and eventually help you rank higher. 

About the Author

Headshot of Yuvrajsinh VaghelaYuvrajsinh Vaghela is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies. As a member of the mobile app development company, he spends most of his time researching mobile app trends, technology, and startups. 


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