Clutch Case Study: Sidebench

December 10, 2015

A Clutch user shares the success story of how the company found and hired a top-notch app development firm from Clutch's research and reviews. Read the full testimonial below.

"Clutch helped us to quickly and easily find a credible mobile app vendor. The site did a great job of helping us narrow down our search by providing ratings and reviews."
Analyst, Healthcare Company

A forward-thinking healthcare company that values technology was seeking a partner to develop a series of mobile apps for both members and service providers.

One of their top priorities was to find a local firm in Southern California who could be their long-term partner in developing mobile apps containing highly confidential Protected Health Information (PHI). Analysts consulted Clutch’s Leaders Matrices of Los Angeles App Developers and Enterprise App Developers to source a list of potential vendors to respond to an innovative RFP process. The analysts used Clutch’s database to quickly compile a shortlist of qualified firms in the area based on ratings, reviews, and the Leaders Matrix.

Once the client prepared his shortlist of companies, each firm was invited to respond to an RFP for mobile app development by proving they could develop a mobile app against a set of business requirements in under two months. At the end of the process, each team was invited to present their app to the CIO. Sidebench designed and developed a fully functional marketplace for parents to find and book activities for their kids. As Sidebench delivered the most complete and polished app, they were awarded the contract.

After a timely and successful search effort, the client and Sidebench entered into a partnership to develop the first of several planned native mobile apps for iOS and Android to provide access to vital healthcare information Sidebench is responsible for mobile product strategy and development efforts for all planned mobile initiatives of the client.

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