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5 Common Mistakes Businesses Experience When Hiring Mobile App Developers

March 4, 2019

by Maryna Potemkina

Co-Founder & COO, Codemotion

Avoid these five mistakes that ruin business strategies and lead to product failure. 

Late product release, budget blow up, a low-quality app, and a poor UX can ruin any successful business strategy. Hiring the wrong people to partner with for your business can lead to a number of problems. You need the right team to best support your app goals to have the best chance at project success. 

Companies often make these five common mistakes when hiring mobile app developers:

  1. Dismiss verification of credentials 
  2. Pay a fixed price
  3. Hire a partner without a technical expert involved
  4. Don’t consider product life cycle 
  5. Partner with a company that doesn’t have enough experience in its niche industry

Mistake 1. Dismiss Credentials Verification

You should always research the qualifications and credentials of a potential development candidate.   

Evaluate the company’s portfolio with the previous apps the team built. Make sure to test the apps as an average user.

Consider these components: Was it easy to install? Did you have any problems with the launch? Is the user interface easy to navigate?

Ask some specific questions about certain features in the app. Ensure this candidate had real experience building this app.

Only talking to a developer could be misleading. Candidates could simply have read the app description about how it was built. Understand the technology and ask why the developer chose it. You don’t have to be an expert in programming languages, but a basic knowledge will allow you to see why a candidate used certain technologies.  

Mistake 2. Pay a Fixed Price

It’s great to have a fixed budget for the project. You can tell developers how much you are willing to pay, and they will quickly calculate the exact hourly fee for their work. Experienced developers may refuse to work with you if you demand a fixed price. It’s good to offer a few variations of the popular hourly payments to compromise with both parties.  

The drawback of a fixed price is that developers might have to work more hours than expected. You cannot fully predict the number of bugs you will have or new features you will add during the development process.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to have a known developer agree on a fixed sum. You will probably hire a more inexperienced partner if the company agrees. 

Listed below is the difference between fixed and flexible pricing:

Fixed Price v. Rates
Flexible pricing can be a great benefit for your company if you hire an outsourcing developer. Hourly fees vary greatly in different countries. You can have $100 and $50 per hour of work for qualified mobile app developers. 

Don’t think price is always the greatest indicator of quality work. You can find cost-efficient developers if you do diligent research.  

Mistake 3. Hire a Partner Without a Technical Expert Involved

Hiring a new team involves checking qualifications and conducting interviews. You should appear somewhat knowledgeable in the process. Google Basic provides explanations of Cordova, React, Angular, or other JS frameworks for developing mobile apps. You can use this information from the online articles to check the developers’ essential knowledge.

Below is a diagram of a typical app development team:

Diagram of App Development Team
Hiring an app development expert will cost much less than working with the wrong developer before looking for a new person. You should test your candidates with a certain development problem and evaluate their answers. 

Question potential partners about specific details in past projects.  Ask the candidates to tell you about the bugs that had in the past and how they fixed them. If you have an ongoing project in development, you can ask the candidate some questions regarding it.

Mistake 4. Don’t Consider Product Life Cycle

Building a new product has a traditional set of steps: idea, design, code, test, and deploy. If you plan to hire a developer for a completely new project, you should describe the concept and the role of that person will play in the process. 

If you have an ongoing project, you must find a developer that has a clear understanding of the typical product lifecycle. You will save a lot of time. Be wary of candidates that are ready to start coding without learning the app requirements. A new person should go through the full lifecycle of the product.

The ideal candidate will examine the idea and design of the future product. These steps are obligatory for a successful result. It’s good to save time for the newcomer to read, ask questions, and analyze the app before coding. 

Mistake 5. Lack of Experience in Your Industry Niche

We value that developers want to improve their qualifications by working in a new industry. We don’t, however, advise that you hire a person who has never dealt with an app from your niche. You may end up with poor user experience.

Hiring a developer who has created a non-commercial app is completely viable.  The developer simply needs to know and predict user requirements and expectations. You don’t want to waste days while the developer studies the niche industry and similar products.

If an app is a commercial product, then it is easy to evaluate its success. Talk with the candidate about why the app is popular and what value the app gives the user. 

Hire a Partner That Will Make Your App a Success

The success of your business strategy depends on a scheduled product release, fixed budget, the quality of the app, and a good user interface. Hiring the wrong team can influence how people see and like your app. 

Check credentials to ensure that your candidate has been involved in real cases of product development. Consider paying an hourly fee for work rather than a fixed sum of money to ensure you receive the best level of service. Find an expert in app development to help you pick the best candidates to work on your project.

Hiring a mobile app developer with experience in your business niche will save you a lot of time and money because the candidate already knows the essentials. Plan your business goals and find the right person to help you reach them. 

About the Author

Maryna PotemkinaMaryna Potemkina is co-founder and COO of Codemotion. We deliver complex web and mobile development for FinTech, Logistics and Startup. I have been working in IT outsourcing for more than 5 years with clients from all over the world. My team and I focus on solving client`s business needs using close collaboration and "same boat approach." We implement the cutting-edge technologies and best practices to deliver 101% result. 

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