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How much does it cost to build a mobile application? We surveyed some of the leading mobile app development companies on the cost to develop a mobile app, and found that the median cost range is between $37,913 and $171,450, but could climb up to $500,000 or higher.

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Should Small Businesses Invest in IoT Despite Security Risks?

Should small businesses invest in IoT despite security threats?IoT offers money, time, and energy saving benefits for small businesses. But it's important to know the risks before investing in the new technology.

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Clutch Case Study: Sidebench

A Clutch user shares the success story of how the company found and hired a top-notch app development firm from Clutch's research and reviews. Read the full testimonial below.


6 Trends Shaping the Future of Wearables

6 Trends Shaping the Future of Wearables Infographic

With wearable technology still in its infancy, predictions about its future uses, forms, and capabilities remain a much-discussed topic. Clutch spoke with experts from 15 businesses about the role they foresee wearable technology playing in the near future – the next six to 12 months.

Lessons Learned After Working with Wearables

4 Lessons Learned After Working with Wearables Infographic

With any new technology, challenges arise throughout the process of designing and developing a product. However, troubleshooting to overcome these hurdles often yields unique lessons learned. Clutch spoke with leaders from 15 businesses with experience planning, designing, developing, and working with wearable technology, and they imparted four crucial pieces of advice.

4 Motivating Factors for Investing in Wearables

4 Motivating Factors for Investing in Wearables Infographic

Of the 15 companies that participated in an interview series about wearable technology, eight were businesses that decided to extend an existing mobile platform to wearables. As first movers and innovators in this new sector of technology, these thought leaders shared the motivating factors behind the decision to develop a wearable application or device, as well as the lessons they learned throughout the process.

Early Challenges for Wearables Prompt Creative Problem Solving

Wearable App Development Challenges Infographic

The advent of wearable technology sparked curiosity about its relevance and potential from consumers, businesses, and development teams. As businesses hurried to harness the new technology's capabilities, these first movers encountered unique challenges throughout the development process.

An Inside Look at 16 Wearables Case Studies

Inside Look at 16 Wearables Case Studies Infographic

Despite the initial novelty of wearable technology and devices, which include watches, wristbands, jewelry, clothing, and glasses, early projects embraced the challenges of designing for a new platform and ultimately unveiled a variety of unique use cases for wearables.

Experts Explain Key Drivers of App Development Cost

Building a mobile app requires a significant monetary investment. Learn more about the key drivers of app cost from leading app development experts.

Characteristics and Use Cases of Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are mobile apps made up of primarily Web content that is wrapped in a native shell. They can be a cost-effective and time-saving strategy for building a mobile app that is compatible with two or more platforms.

Native Apps: iOS versus Android

This article describes the benefits and drawbacks of each of the two platforms with the largest market share, iOS and Android.

Recent Interviews

Interview with Dave Todaro from Ascendle

ascendleClutch spoke with Dave Todaro, founder and president of Ascendle, about the software development process and keys to success in the market.

Interview with the App Developers Alliance's President: Jake Ward


Clearbridge Mobile Logotype

Clutch spoke with Jake Ward, the President and CEO of the app developers alliance, a trade group that represents developers as a profession.

Interview With Clearbridge Mobile

Clearbridge Mobile Logotype

Clutch spoke with Deepak Chopra, the CEO and one of the co-founders of Clearbridge Mobile, a mobile app development company in Canada.

Interview with Waracle

Clutch interviewed Michael Romilly, Marketing Director at app development company Waracle.

Interview with Magora Systems

Clutch spoke with Mikhail Chuprynski, Director of Development at Magora Systems, a software, mobile and web development company.

Interview with Sickweather

Sickweather logo

Clutch spoke with Graham Dodge, President and CEO of Sickweather, the data and media platform for public health prediction. The interview is part of a series about wearable technology.

Interview with Movel

Movel logo

Clutch spoke with Levent Gurses, President of Movel, as part of a series of interviews about wearable technology.

Interview with Lose It!

Lose it! logo

Clutch spoke with Charles Teague, Founder and CEO of Lose It!, as part of a series of interviews about wearable technology.

Interview with Plastic Mobile

Plastic Mobile logo

Clutch spoke with Sep Seyedi, CEO of Plastic Mobile, as part of a series of interviews about wearable technology.

Interview with Reemo

Reemo logo

Clutch spoke with Al Baker, co-founder and CEO of Reemo, as part of a series of interviews about wearable technology.