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Jaspersoft BI Enterprise Edition

Jaspersoft BI Enterprise offers a full breadth of self-service reporting and dashboard capabilities. With Jaspersoft, users have access to web-based tools to build reports, perform advanced analysis, and view interactive dashboards. The Enterprise Edition comes with professional technical support and commercial licensing protection to differentiate it from the open source version.


  • Multi-component dashboards with an intuitive drag-and-drop designer
  • Automatically rendered reports in formats ranging from HTML, PDF, and Excel
  • Embeddable server within Java or .Net applications
  • Native iPhone or Android app for viewing and interacting with reports

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TIBCO Spotfire Platform

The Spotfire Platform delivers self-service analytics with broad data connectivity. Access and combine data in a single analysis. Analyze historical and real-time data, structured and unstructured, from internal, external, and cloud-based sources.


  • Interactive data visualization
  • Descriptive and diagnostic analytics
  • Location and real-time analytics

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Spotfire Desktop

TIBCO Spotfire Desktop is data analytics software designed for data exploration. It offers data visualizations including bar charts, tree maps, scatter plots, heat maps and more.

Advanced analytics features:

  • K-means clustering and hierarchical clustering
  • Box plots and advanced curve fitting
  • Predictive modeling
  • Integrated R Engine and data functions based on S-PLUS, SAS, MATLAB, etc.

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Compatibility & Integration

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks offers an integration platform that can work with internal or external applications and data sources. It offers out-of-the-box reliability, availability, and scalability.

As far as big data analytics, TIBCO has certified connectivity with Apache Spark, for large-scale data processing and analysis.

Mobile Access

TIBCO has native iPhone and Android apps, where users can view and interact with reports and dashboards. Build reports and analyze data on tablets with touch-enabled browser support. Embed interactive reports into native mobile applications using the iOS and Android software developer kit.

Supported mobile device capabilities include geolocation, camera, and contacts, as well as contextual real-time access to backend information.


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Free trial & free version
Starts at $650


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Online Review
Nov 16 2016

Data Visualization for Analytics Services Firm


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the reviewer
Management Consulting
11-50 employees
Pune, India
Director, Rudder Analytics
Soumen Saha
The Review

Introduce your business and what you do there.

Our company, Rudder Analytics, was started one and a half years ago and provides end-to-end analytics services, including web analytics using platforms like Mixpanels, Google Analytics, BizMetrics, and so on. We gather data from various resources, using APIs and connecting through databases, and consolidate it into one place, where it can be harmonized and used to figure out actionable insights. We also perform statistical modeling, from machine learning to artificial intelligence algorithms. We also focus on visual analytics. Presentation is one of the most important aspects; if the data can't be presented in a way that can be understood, it's not of much use. There are many platforms available for this purpose, like Tableau, Power BI, and Qlik, as well as lightweight options like Klipfolio and Gekko, which are all a part of our service portfolio.

I’m the director.


I'm not really aware of how Spotfire's support performs. 


Spotfire doesn't have any differentiating features, but some visualizations are easier to achieve within it. It sits somewhere between Tableau and Qlik, and it has less market share than those two. It used to be an important option, and companies like Procter & Gamble remodeled their systems around it. There is a lot of backing for Spotfire, which has kept it going. 


Since Spotfire has no differentiating features, its price should be worked on.

Overall Score
  • 3.0 Features
  • 3.5 Ease of Use
  • N/A Support
  • 3.0 Willing to Refer
Survey Response
Feb 22 2016

Streamlined and good security


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the reviewer
Business services
5001+ employees
Little Rock, AR
The Review


Tibco was able to best serve our companies' needs. I wasn't personally consulted on using this solution, but am a frequent user. Tibco is our software of choice for data access. I like that Tibco is web based. It allows a streamlined method for file availability.


There are no IT issues. It just works.


Tibco requires proper security in order to access. That's probably a good thing, though.