Panorama Necto

Panorama Necto is a visual BI solution that uses infographics to present information quickly and clearly. Necto offers suggestive and collaborative capabilities, and allows users to easily connect to multiple data sources and model on the fly, with no coding required.


  • Data Visualization through infographics
  • Mapping service and unique geo-analysis capabilities
  • Automated processes and real time notifications and alerts

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Panorama Necto

Necto allows users to mash up data from the Corporate BI platform and ad hoc data sources such as Excel, and unstructured or semi-structured data for governed self-service analytics. Smart data discovery and automated insight capabilities eliminate the need for users’ understanding of BI modeling and technology and allows them to focus on business analysis.


  • Suggested Workboards and models for exploration
  • Automatically highlight trends and provide possible explanations
  • Recommend people relevant to specific issues

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Panorama Advanced Analytics

Panorama offers powerful and feature-rich analytical capabilities, including advanced exceptions, custom formulas, advanced slicing and filtering controls, parameters and more. Panorama Necto delivers an intuitive analytics user interface and user experience.


  • Data and metrics presented with dynamic infographics
  • Identify business trends with suggestive data insights
  • Contextual data discovery

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Compatibility & Integration

Panorama has partnered with Microsoft, and offers seamless out of the box integration with Microsoft’s BI technologies. Necto natively connects to and extends PowerPivot, integrates with SharePoint and enriches the platform with Collaborative BI and Contextual Data Discovery capabilities. Necto is available on Azure and supports OLAB and BISM modes for SQL Server.

Panorama can also run on top of Splunk’s platform to provide real-time big data analytics. Users can analyze, explore and collaborate on unlimited data pools in a unified, self-service environment. Necto can also connect to most relational and OLAP databases.

Mobile Access

Panorama Necto 15 was released with new mobile capabilities, offering quick simple BI infographics, click-insights, automated analysis, exception alerts and social collaboration on phone and tablet. The Necto mobile app is also available on the Apple Store.


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Panorama Necto is something that really helped me organize my business results for a certain product and it was really helpful when I needed to organize things in general. I am really thankful that I made the decision to go with them, as it really helps a lot! The main feature I use is the organization feature. This has really helped me improve on stuff and organize on what I need to improve on. It really helps a lot.


I like that it can really help me organize stuff.


I don't like that we don't have access to some features I'd like to use.