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Tablet Development for Technology Consulting Firm

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InnovationM developed a cloud computing solution for Android and iOS tablets. The software was initially developed for desktops and subsequently ported to mobile.

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The solution was completed in a timely manner and will go live with its first user shortly. InnovationM’s performance was commended and often considered equal or better than that of any larger, more experienced firms.

“They are speedy and responsive, and get the work done.”


Please describe your company.

My firm provides technology and technology consulting and solutions to private equity firms.

What is your role and responsibilities?

I am the senior partner in this firm.


What was your goal for the work with InnovationM?

We needed to develop new cloud software for mobile devices for our clients. It was to be used on browsers on tablets for Android and iOs. The first step was to create it for computers, and the next step was to do it for mobile.  The design was geared toward tablets.


How did you select InnovationM to work with in the first place?

There aren’t many firms specializing in this kind of work, and I wanted one that was local in India. I have known their director for years, and have kept tabs on their firm lately. I knew they had experience and everything necessary to achieve our goal.

Can you give us a sense of the size of the initiative in a general dollar figure?

I cannot give a general figure, but it took several months of work.


What were the results of the project?

It was successful. We are going live this month with the first customer. I should be able to change the branding for the customer without changing the underlying product, which is the color, look and feel. I think that will be achieved.

What is unique or special about InnovationM compared to other IT vendors?

InnovationM is as good or better than a much larger and more reputable Indian company I also work with. They are speedy and responsive, and get the work done. I have great respect for them.

Looking back, are there any areas that you think InnovationM could improve upon or something you would do differently?

I think they still sometimes lack experience. The response was very different from a mature firm so I had to invest a little bit more of my time to get the solution we needed. They could improve that responsiveness.


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