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Brochure Design Services Hiring Guide

An experienced brochure design partner can help make sure your next brochure is visually appealing and informative.

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Brochure Design Services Hiring Guide.

Updated March 28, 2024

Brochures are traditional printed marketing materials created to convey in-depth brand, product, or service information. Unlike posters or flyers, brochures are designed to be folded into two or three sections to contain more information.

A high-quality brochure can attract potential customers, spark curiosity, and influence purchase decisions. Brochure design is a form of graphic design that focuses on combining complementary fonts and colors to present easy-to-understand details.

Contrary to what some people may think, brochures aren’t necessarily outdated — even in this digital age. They’re still widely used for tradeshows, conferences, and other business or public events.

In Clutch’s extensive hiring guide for finding the right brochure designer, you’ll learn more about the information you need to find a trusted partner.

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What is Brochure Design?

Brochure Design: Commonly seen passed on by real estate professionals on booths and small businesses, brochures are effective marketing tools to promote brands.

Marketing or company brochures are used to help companies market their products or services to their target audience. They can also come in various fold types:

  • Z-fold brochures
  • Gate-fold brochures
  • Single-fold brochures
  • Bi-fold brochures
  • Tri-fold brochures (also referred to as pamphlets)

Rather than looking like a free template, professional brochure design companies can help businesses create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind designs that reflect their brand identity.

A brochure design agency is a type of graphic design agency that focuses on creating business brochures. These experts know how to craft the best brochure designs while including crucial information. They have the technical skills and creativity to bring different design ideas to life.

If you search online, you’ll see many free brochure templates on Canva, Adobe, and other design platforms. However, nothing beats the personal touch of bespoke designs from brochure services companies.

Brochure Designers by Country

Brochure Designers by City

4 Benefits of Brochure Design Services

Brochures are vital to communicating with potential customers, even in the age of social media. If you’re in doubt about what benefits you can get from having customized brochures designed by professionals, then keep an open mind.

brochure design benefits

Here are the biggest benefits businesses receive from quality brochure design services:

  1. Communicate Effectively. Their layout makes brochures convenient and disseminates insightful information. Potential customers who are already interested in purchasing your product or service will feel more inclined to act when they know more about it. Brochures are great to include all the necessary FAQs, product descriptions, and or specifications.  
  2. Build Credibility. During tradeshows, conferences, conventions, and other business events, you’ll see companies handing over brochures to potential leads. Most consumers nowadays correlate better designs with stronger brand credibility, so it’s important to put effort into every design your business produces, not just its brochures. 
  3. Affordable Marketing. Unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, printing and handing out brochures don’t require much funds. It’s widely considered by many as a cost-friendly way to effectively make an immediate impression and communicate crucial information about your company.
  4. Leave a Lasting Impression. Brochures are great for ensuring your brand stays relevant to its potential customers. Distributing brochures can help clients who are hesitant to purchase decide whether it’s the product for them. Additionally, many sales representatives and business owners hand out brochures to potential customers as a strategy whenever possible.

What Services do Brochure Designers Provide?

Brochure designers specialize in creating brochures, but that’s not their only expertise. These professionals are also well-versed in design solutions ranging from logo design to infographics. If you plan to hire a brochure designer soon, consider the range of services they offer to see if they fit your other needs.

Here’s a list of the usual services offered by brochure design agencies:

Brochure Design

The main focus and expertise of brochure design agencies is, of course, brochure design. You can rely on these professionals to create a layout and strategy to communicate your message to potential customers best.

These agencies don’t just know the creative aspect, they also know consumer behavior and design psychology. They have experience creating brochures that spark curiosity and encourage consumers to purchase.

Graphic Design

Brochure designers are under the umbrella of graphic design professionals, so it’s common to find service providers offering other design services.

Visual communication means a lot in business as pictures can be worth thousands of words — or sometimes sales. Graphic designers aren’t just focused on aesthetics, they know how to combine marketing and sales strategies to designs to communicate effectively with customers.

They know different disciplines, such as color theories, visual hierarchies, symbolism, etc.

Logo Design

Logo designs are also among the standard services offered by brochure designers. Since these professionals know best about visual communication, they know how to craft impactful logos that reflect the company’s brand identity and mission.

Essentially, logos are the face of a business. A company without a logo doesn’t have an identity.

Logo design is essential for building brand awareness, improving recognition and recall, and establishing credibility.

Print Design

Even in the age of the internet, print designs remain invaluable. Organizations can only rely on social media and website content to market themselves. Customers aren’t online all the time.

Physically printed marketing materials are still crucial to any marketing strategy.

Print isn’t dead, and brochures are proof of it.

Brochure design agencies offer other print design solutions such as pamphlet design, poster design, and business card designs. These designers know the specifications, measurements, and materials involved with printing. They maximize this knowledge to create color combinations and layouts that are beautiful in print form.

Branding and Brand Strategy

Designs and branding go hand-in-hand. Just observe some of the most successful brands like Coca-Cola and Apple; people can quickly identify them from their designs. Their brand identities are tied to their cohesive design strategy.

Brochure designers offering different design solutions also usually provide branding and brand strategy services.

From creating a brand identity and guidelines to executing different design solutions, these agencies know how to craft a cohesive image for your business. 

What Services do Brochure Designers Provide?

Unlike digital design solutions like web design and social media design, it can be a bit harder to measure the success of brochure designers, but it’s not entirely impossible.

Design is subjective so the following factors can be interpreted or scored differently, but here are the usual metrics for brochure design:

  1. Readability is huge in design. No customer wants to be handed a brochure that’s difficult to understand because it’s cluttered, the contrast is poor, or there are too many words. Great designers know how to create brochures that are enticing and easy to read.
  2. Legibility is usually measured by how fast or slow people read the content in a design. Since reading speed varies drastically among audiences, this can be assessed through multiple testing groups. 
  3. Contrast can be defined as the difference between the highest and lowest vibrance or visual elements. Typically, color comes to mind regarding contrast, but there’s more to blue vs. red. Contrast can also apply to typography, the size of design elements or symbols, and alignment.
  4. Color is more than mixing different combinations from the color wheel. To assess color, you must understand how colors interact, complement, and contradict each other. There are also different aspects of color — vividness, intensity, saturation, and hue.

To best see the impact of a brochure designer’s work, you can conduct A/B Testing. You can compare two or more versions of a brochure against each other to see which one performs best. You can hold a simple randomized controlled experiment to determine which designs convert more customers into quality sales.

What is a Brochure Design Team?

Brochure design agencies aren’t typically composed of hundreds of employees. Teams can operate with just two or three people.

brochure design team

When you hire a brochure design agency, you can expect to work with professionals such as:

  • Design Manager or Director: The head of all project operations and direction. They’re in charge of approving designs, conceptualizing the overall design guidelines, and managing other designers.
  • Designer: The team member who executes the designs instructed by the director and the client. These professionals are also responsible for revisions and edits if needed.
  • Project Manager: Also known as the account manager, the project manager is the team member who coordinates with the client regularly. They must communicate client ideas with the project team and relay other information to and from the client.
  • Copywriter or Content Writer: The team member's primary responsibility is writing content that goes into the different designs. They can write anywhere from longer form content for more extensive brochures to shorter and simpler copies.

What to Look for When Hiring a Brochure Designer?

As you search for the right brochure designer, explore all available options. Clutch created a shortlist where you can easily access reliable designers, view their agency portfolios, see client testimonials, and filter their services.

Designers have their own expertise and art styles. The right partner doesn’t only accommodate your needs, they can also offer guidance to maximize your ideas and project.

When you assess potential partners, make sure you find the ideal provider with experience working on similar art styles and projects you have in mind. Additionally, it’s important to see whether they’ve previously worked with similar businesses in your industry.

Don’t rush the decision-making process. Sit down with your team to outline your priorities so you know what to look for when searching the market. Gather as much information as possible before you sign them for the project.

Criteria for Hiring a Brochure Designer

  • Budget
  • Location
  • Industry experience
  • Expertise in certain art styles
  • Other services offered
  • Good history with previous clients
  • Credible portfolio

Reading through Clutch reviews can be a great way to assess potential service providers. Reviews published here can give you more insight into how these service providers fare as partners for their clients. You can see how they communicate, manage their projects, and deliver their services when you take a moment to view their client reviews.

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Brochure Designer

  1. Can you walk me through your design process?
  2. How many revisions do you offer, and how do you handle them? 
  3. Is my budget realistic for my project?
  4. What is your ideal turnaround time for the designs?
  5. Do you also offer printing services? If not, do you know any credible printing companies we can work with for my project?
  6. How do you make sure your designs will align with our branding efforts?
  7. What software programs do you use for your projects?
  8. Are we your ideal clients?
  9. What other services does your agency offer?
  10. What will you need from our end for the project?

Remember, when you discuss your project with a potential service provider, go into detail about your expectations and what type of designs you’re looking for. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information from their end if you have any concerns. 

How much does print design cost?

Find print design prices

How Can Brochure Designers Help Your Growth?

High-quality brochure design can elevate your business presence in so many ways. Customers aren’t always confident about purchasing when they enter stores, and brochures can undoubtedly influence their choice.

Also, brochures aren’t just for sales and retailers. Many other organizations, such as real estate firms and nonprofits, use brochures for many functions. There’s no one way to use brochures, but they can be great at welcoming opportunities and potential customers for your company.

Finding the right brochure designer is as important as your design ideas. The perfect partner can take that idea and breathe life into it. Clutch’s shortlist of the top brochure designers can help you identify the ideal agency for your project.

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