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Book Cover Design Hiring Guide

Navigate the process of hiring a book cover designer with confidence. 

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Book Cover Design Hiring Guide

Updated March 22, 2024

A well-crafted book cover can significantly impact a reader's perception and interest in the book, making it a crucial component of the overall book marketing strategy. Find the right professional service to ensure an effective collaboration and achieve a captivating cover for your book. 

Book cover designs are the visual identity that will draw in potential readers. Its significance can’t be undermined as it's the first thing people notice, not the book blurb on the back cover. Imagine a bookstore filled with hundreds upon thousands of books; standing out would be more of a challenge. 

Front book cover designs should reflect the story while being eye-catching. No self-published author wants their creation to look like a DIY project or a template.

Writers already have a lot in mind, and stressing about creating the best book cover shouldn’t plague them. Investing in a meaningful book cover should be a priority; finding the ideal designer will make the biggest difference.

The right book cover design can help in so many aspects — marketing, sales, and building connections. The design doesn’t need to be literal but should enhance the reader's overall experience, helping the writer effectively communicate their message and leave a lasting impression.

This guide will enumerate all the factors you must consider when looking for a potential book cover designer. Continue reading to know more about what should be considered when looking for the ideal partner.

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What is Book Cover Design?

Book Cover Design: The process of designing a visually compelling cover for a book. 

Book cover design falls under the massive umbrellas of print and graphic design. It is a tedious process that requires having a deep understanding of the book’s essence and creating an image that will resonate with its intended audience.

Just like with most fields and designs, book cover design trends have come and gone over the years as consumer preferences evolve. Innovation across different industries has impacted designs over the years — from the 20th century’s dust jackets with modest designs to today’s bold graphics and unique styles.

In the present day, book cover designs shouldn’t just focus on attracting readers in the traditional bookshelf setting.

For a brief while, it seemed that e-books would completely dominate the reading market; fortunately, many passionate readers still appreciate holding a book rather than just relying solely on their Kindles.

One strategy used by designers and writers that helped spark the renaissance of physical books is creating beautiful designs that can appeal to the growing community on social media for book lovers — #bookstagram or #booktok.

The rise of social and digital media has directly influenced how designers tackle their work. It’s now a balancing act between standing out on shelves and screens while staying true to the book’s message.

The tasks of a book cover designer typically include:

  • Analyzing the content and target audience of the book
  • Conducting research on design trends
  • Concept development for the design
  • Creating visual design elements for the cover
  • Staying informed about industry best practices
  • Ensuring the cover design works across various formats
  • Preparing final print-ready files or digital assets while coordinating with printers or production teams

Every writer wants their book to be memorable, and the first step to having that is by matching with the ideal designer. There’s no point in having great ideas in mind if you’re not matched with the right designer who can breathe life into it.

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5 Benefits of Book Cover Design

As overused as the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is, no one is innocent of it. Everyone has intentionally or unintentionally judged a book by their cover.

In a survey conducted by The Book Smugglers, a majority of the respondents (79%) agreed that covers play a key role in their purchase decision when looking for books. The results just reinforce the notion that cover designs matter a lot.

book cover design benefits

Here are the 5 biggest benefits of investing in quality book cover design:

  1. First Impressions Matter: Book cover designs serve as readers' first point of contact. Their initial impression will dictate if they will pick up the book or leave it on the shelf. Great book cover designers know how to positively entice readers and encourage them to know more about the book. 
  2. Marketing and Branding: Observe the best-selling authors out there, and see how their book covers contribute to their marketing and branding strategies. They have distinguishable brand identities that immediately let their fans or supporters know that it’s their work. Additionally, readers are more likely to pick up a book with a cover style similar to the cover of a good book they’ve read.
  3. Communicating the Tone: Every reader has their own preferences, and book covers are a great avenue to communicate the tone and genre of the story. Covers can tell audiences what to expect when they dive into the story, setting the tone whether it is romance, dystopian, or fantasy.
  4. Standing Out and Differentiation: Readers have abundant options when they enter bookstores. It can be overwhelming for some to find a book they’d like, and they won’t pick up hundreds of books and read every book blurb. Book cover designs can boost their visibility and draw readers in, increasing the odds of being one of the lucky ones they read and purchase.
  5. Building a Connection With Readers: Designs have the power to build a meaningful emotional connection with readers. High-quality book covers can evoke the intended feelings, making the reading experience even more magical and engaging.

What Other Services Do Book Cover Design Agencies Offer?

As mentioned, book cover design agencies fall in print design and graphic design. These agencies have their own expertise but are also flexible regarding the variety of designs they can create.

In addition to creating impactful book cover design, here are other services these agencies could offer:

  • Magazine Design
  • Album and Podcast Cover Art
  • Postcard Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Graphic Design

Magazine Design

Magazines and books have different audiences, making the design approach for their covers different. Unlike books, magazines are typically published regularly — whether that’s monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Because of that, designs require a different approach to maintain the brand’s appeal to its target readers, keeping every issue fresh and enticing.

Magazine designers have experience creating imageries that reflect the content of every magazine's latest edition. Depending on the brand, they can include teasers, headlines, and descriptions that glimpse the edition’s story. 

Additionally, publishing companies that handle book and magazine publishing prefer working with reliable design agencies that can create distinct designs but keep everything cohesive for specific brands or projects.

Album and Podcast Cover Art

Albums and podcast cover art matter a lot in this age of digital streaming. These images are worth a thousand words when communicating to potential listeners. Just like with book covers, it is essential to the overall experience of its intended audience.

The purpose of these artworks is to capture the identity of the music or the podcaster. While podcast art and album art have distinct principles, they’re ultimately creative content extensions.

Moreover, many successful authors are venturing into podcasting and vice versa with podcasters trying to publish their books. Having a great designer who can help tie their brand identity is essential to their marketability and success.

Postcard Design

A strategy self-publishing writers and publishers commonly use when launching a book is using postcards during promotional campaigns or events. Many readers appreciate receiving additional materials or memorabilia from their favorite authors, and postcards can fulfill that purpose.

Postcards are essentially thin cardboard or thick paper that’s designed to contain a message. Depending on what the author wants, designers can already include a general message of thanks or leave it blank. They can be great giveaways during book signing events or book tours.

Brochure Design

Brochures are another type of printed design asset mainly used to promote products, services, or brands. It’s a cost-effective way to introduce a company to their target audience as they’re easy to hand out and can contain lots of information.

Professionally designed brochures aren’t just for events or trade shows. Businesses of all sizes and industries can maximize brochures to communicate with customers.

Brochure designers know how to include all the necessary content to persuade customers, make it visually appealing, and ensure it brings credibility to the brand.

Graphic Design

It would be impossible to sell books if the author doesn’t try to market them. They can’t rely on the content and cover alone.

Aside from the mentioned services, authors and publishers will have various needs depending on their book launching and marketing strategies. Whether that’s breathing life into a character for official promotions or posts for their social media pages, having one design partner will do wonders for establishing their brand identity.

How to Assess the Performance of Book Cover Designers

Assessing the performance of a book cover design agency and the success of its design can be a bit tricky, especially considering that there is no immediate data to look at. Since design is subjective, it will all depend on the preferences and satisfaction of the client.

To help break down the evaluation, try looking at the project in two phases — the experience working with the designer and the performance of the book after it reached the market.

As per the quality of the book cover design they’ve created, make sure it checks the following criteria before publishing:

  • Visual impact
  • Readability and clarity
  • Strong branding
  • Market relevance
  • Uniqueness
  • Appeal across different formats (print, audiobook thumbnail, and ebook cover)

Asking for feedback from target readers and stakeholders is also great for gauging the design’s appeal. Gather as many comments as possible to see how they perceive the cover and ask them key questions like if it looks good for them or if they’d pick it up if they saw it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the author’s satisfaction with the final design. They should have full confidence that it captured the essence of their message and feel represented by the image created.

When the book is finally distributed, only time will tell if it passes the test of longevity and timelessness.

Who Makes Up a Book Cover Design Team?

Book cover design teams come in all sizes. Considering that book cover designs don’t take a whole village to get done, the number of people working on the project can vary. Some agencies may involve 2-3 people, while others have bigger manpower.

book cover design team

If you’re planning to hire a book cover design team soon, you can expect to work with these professionals:

  • Creative Director: They are the ones who are responsible for high-level creative calls aside from the client. This professional is also considered the lead of the group as they will instruct the illustrator or designer on which approach to follow to successfully translate the idea of the author into a stunning book cover design
  • Designer: Also referred to as graphic designers, these team members are mainly responsible for laying out the design using computer software such as Adobe Photoshop. They are typically more oriented and knowledgeable on how to make the design commercially appealing.
  • Illustrator: This team member is responsible for sketching or drawing design elements from scratch. They are visual artists who are more art-oriented than graphic designers and are often in charge of creating original visual elements.
  • Account Manager: Typically, agencies have account managers who directly communicate with the client. Their role focuses more on relaying information from the client to the creative team.
  • Photographer: For projects that require actual photographs of certain images or even the author, some book cover design teams have dedicated photographers who can take professional shots that will go on the design.

What to Look For When Hiring a Book Cover Designer? 

The success of a book cover design project relies on finding the right design partner amidst the sea of outsourced service providers out there. During the search, don't immediately settle after you’ve only gone through three or four potential agencies.

Launching a book is a big milestone for any author, so look for a designer who understands your vision. Browse through different resources, such as Clutch to find proven agencies.

Criteria for Hiring a Book Cover Designer

  • A credible and professional designer’s portfolio
  • Experience designing similar covers for similar genres or art styles
  • Strong communication skills and empathy
  • Positive reviews and testimonials from past clients
  • Clear pricing terms and range
  • Capacity to work within your preferred timeline 

Clutch has extensive directories you can use to find reliable designers. You can also access the reviews, filter designers based on their pricing, and view their portfolios there.

What Matters to You Most

Firstly, when evaluating a book cover design agency, make sure you dive deeper into their portfolios to see the quality of their work, experience, and design process. Their past work should show polished and impactful designs that appeal to you.

Once they’re your partners, you can assess them by observing how well they listen to your design brief and how they suggest cover ideas. They should meet your expected timeline and be receptive to any feedback that you provide.

Depending on the agreed-upon number of revisions, good designers know how to apply the changes asked. Additionally, many designers don’t just come up with one design, and they can also create different versions or mock-ups to help the author visualize their work and give them options.

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Book Cover Designer

  1. Can you walk us through your book cover design process?
  2. Are you familiar with my book’s genre?
  3. How well are you familiar with my target demographics?
  4. Will you use licensed fonts or create fonts from scratch for the author's name and book title?
  5. Is my deadline and budget realistic for my project?
  6. How do you ensure that the book cover captures the essence of the story?
  7. How do you handle revisions and feedback?
  8. What additional services do you provide?
  9. What formats will I receive?
  10. What is your communication style or who will I be in touch with for the project?

When you schedule a consultation with a potential designer and interview them for the project, make sure you ask all the questions you have in mind. Allow them to show their work or any concerns you have in mind.

Lastly, once you finally decide which designer to go with, don't immediately sign a contract. Make sure you sit down to read the terms and conditions to see if everything is as discussed and is fair.

Make a Lasting Impact with a Great Book Cover Design

Great book cover designs can leave a lasting emotional connection with the readers and be instrumental to the book's success. Remember, many readers remember books by their cover designs; it’s part of their brand identities.

It’s also natural that people judge books by their covers, so trust your judgment too, and be particular when choosing which designer to go with. After all, it’s not every day that people get to publish their book — make sure the edition’s cover packs a punch.

Go through Clutch’s rankings for the top book cover designers to find the partner for your vision. We’ve compiled everything you need to make the selection and hiring process easier, don’t hesitate to maximize the filters available and scrutinize the reviews collected.

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