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Top 7 Growth Marketing Strategies for B2B Companies

February 18, 2019

by Tom Jager

Professional Blogger, A-writer

B2B businesses should create an innovative marketing strategy based on industry data to increase growth and improve customer experiences. 

B2C companies aren’t the only leaders in marketing innovations. These days, B2B brands must deliver an equally effective customer-focused experience. As such, each brand needs a creative marketing plan supported by industry research. 

B2B businesses can no longer solely focus on outbound and direct marketing techniques, such as contacting prospects directly. Although some outbound methods do work, they’re definitely not the best practices to bring in new clients.

Below are the top 7 growth marketing strategies for B2B companies that can drive your company to reach its marketing goals:  

1. Focus on Content Marketing

Content marketing has become extremely popular in recent years. Content is useful for B2B companies because it can increase lead generation and expand online presence. 

Considering these benefits, more than 90% of B2B marketers use content

Percentage of B2B Respondents who Use Content Marketing

Only 9% of businesses don’t use content marketing, demonstrating how effective companies believe the strategy can be. 

B2B marketers use a wide range of content types from social media posts to in-depth research papers to engage prospective customers. 

Types of Content B2B Marketers Use for Content Marketing

Using a combination of customer data and research, B2B marketers can create effective campaigns to keep their customers aware of their products and services and provide them with relevant, valuable, content. 

2. Explore Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning

There are many ways in which AI and machine-learning can help B2B brands achieve their marketing goals. For example, AI helped with these challenges:

  • High volume, high-quality lead generation

AI can be an instrumental tool in collecting and analyzing huge amounts of customer data so you can create personalized offers and effective products. Machine-learning methods can match leads for particular businesses, so B2B companies are able to tell the difference between inquirers and prospects who are genuinely ready to buy.

  • Creating the ideal customer profile

AI can analyze customer behavior on your site and in the industry to craft the ideal customer persona to target. 

3. Include Voice Search Optimization 

Commonly, voice search is discussed in the context of B2C companies and local search, but B2B companies should also pay attention to this new trend. Internet audiences use voice search because it’s simpler and more “human-friendly.”

In fact, there were more than one billion voice searches made in January 2018 and predicted that 39% of millennials will use a voice-respondent device by 2019.

This means that voice search website optimization should be a must for B2B businesses because their customers will be using voice to search for them.

Voice optimization is one of the most important methods in making your website mobile-friendly. Update your site immediately to include voice optimization.

4. Prioritize Social Media Marketing 

Social media has become a prominent part of marketing strategies, so networks like LinkedIn continue to play an important role in helping B2B businesses grow and gain new clients. Here are some stats that demonstrate the importance of social media for B2B companies:

•    94% of B2B marketers use social media posts for content marketing purposes. 
•    43% of B2B marketers think social media posts are the most effective type of content.
•    92% of B2B marketers use social media sites to distribute content.

For example, take a look at this Instagram post by the B2B insurance company, Hiscox. Although the topic of insurance does not always appeal to the general public, this business does a great job of building its online presence by focusing on topics that resonate with people. Below, Hiscox posted about a global charity event the company participated in: 

Hiscox Charity Event


The post shows the people behind the Hiscox brand, which makes the company more relatable to outside readers. As well, the post demonstrates the company’s charitable efforts, creating a more well-rounded brand image. 

5. Integrate Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

ABM is a relatively new strategy in B2B marketing that involves compiling prospect data on high-value customers and targeting them in a personalized way. 

According to Account Based Marketing for B2B Marketers, these were the most important objectives for B2B ABM:

What are the most important objectives of an account based marketing strategy?
 As you can see, B2B marketers use ABM to increase revenue and new accounts. ABM can improve the success of your company and reduce sales cycle time. 

6. Include Advanced Personalization

At least 50% of business buyers want personalization from a company. B2B marketers integrate personalization into their marketing strategies to increase response rates from their customers. 

For example, the most widely used personalization techniques you should consider for your own business include:

  • Personalized apps
  • Personalized website
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Personalized content
  • Personalized offers

These personalization efforts will have a high return than a generic customer experience as people feel a greater connection to the company. 

7. Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR and VR)

B2B companies are increasingly embracing AR and VR as powerful sales tools because these impressive visual demonstrations help customers experience a product/service before buying it. Besides, for businesses, it’s a good opportunity to show off products and solutions in an innovative and engaging way. 

By 2020, the number of VR experiences in the B2B sector is projected to account for 40% of all product experiences.

VR and AR both offer new and interactive ways to engage consumers who are looking for new types of content. 

Choose the Right Marketing Growth Strategy For Your Business 

Don’t feel like you need to try all of these strategies immediately. Not every approach described here is appropriate for every B2B business.

Research what methods are most effective for your business needs, and implement a great marketing strategy in an intelligent and creative way. If you are still looking for help with your marketing strategy, hire an experienced digital marketing company for support. 

About the Author

Tom Jager Headshot Tom Jager is a professional blogger. He works at A-writer and has a degree in Law and English literature. Tom has written numerous articles/online journals. 

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