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How to Start a Content Marketing Agency

December 16, 2019

by Bhavik Sarkhedi

Founder, Write Right

Starting a content marketing agency is similar to starting any other business. Learn how to set your new agency apart from the competition by identifying your niche and creating original content.

The easiest way for brands to reach most people online is by establishing a digital presence. It’s understandable if you want to set up your content marketing agency right away, but to set up a lasting presence requires patience.
Individual and small teams can come up with a fully operational marketing agency on their own. This, however, is not a day job, and a lot of careful planning and perseverance goes into it. 

This article offers tips and suggestions that will help you start a content marketing agency from scratch. 

How to Start a Content Marketing Agency

  1. Identify your niche
  2. Limit initial expenses
  3. Determine hiring needs
  4. Create original content
  5. Promote your business 

1. Identify Your Niche 

Content marketing today is fiercely competitive. The only way to succeed is to stand out in the crowd. 

Make sure your agency has unique selling propositions when approaching a potential client. This increases your chances of securing the contract. 

As a business, it is not just about the client choosing you. You will also have different parameters on identifying whether it is feasible to do business with a particular client. 

By identifying your niche, you will have a picture of your ideal client. Understanding your niche will also give you a better perspective on your target market, making it easy to identify your own value proposition. 

2. Limit Initial Expenses 

Before your business can grow, it must survive the first trying months. When you start your business, cut out on any unnecessary expenses. 

For example, you can start by managing processes such as audits and accounting on your own. This will help you pay your first few bills and better understand the skills you’ll need when hiring an outside accountant

By understanding every part of the business, you will be less dependent on employees. That way, if a trusted employee leaves your firm for a better job prospect, your business will not end in ruins. 

3. Determine Hiring Needs

Only hire in-house staff when you are confident that your firm can afford it. Until then, you can always work with freelancers, who offer flexibility and competitive rates.

Freelance marketplace websites such as Fiverr help you identify freelancers for a range of projects, including graphic design, content writing, and video creation.

fiverr freelance logo designers


With Fiverr, you can narrow down freelancers by type of project, rate, and style.

Try to work with the same freelancer team across projects to maintain a consistent quality of work. 

Building an in-house team comes with its own set of advantages. By having dedicated writers and editors work for you at set hours, you will be able to cut down on the turnaround time of your creative projects. 

Whether you choose to work with freelancers, digital agencies, or full-time employees is your call to make. You have to make hiring decisions after considering the pros and cons and how they affect your business. 

4. Keep Your Content Original

To be a successful content marketing firm, you will have to engage customers with original content. The best original content begins with research. Conduct surveys with tools such as SurveyMonkey and gather as much data as possible.  

SurveyMonkey helps you target customers and get original data that you can use for content.

surveymonkey for original content

You can then use this data to create content assets such as infographics, white papers, and social media posts. 

If budget constraints prevent you from conducting an independent study, try to see if you can collaborate with one of your clients. 

When you stick to the original content you will establish credibility as a creative content marketing agency.

5. Promote Your Business

You must sell yourself well to build clients’ trust in you. Create a section on your website that is dedicated to case studies showcasing your content marketing success. 

On your case study page, go into detail and about how you have met specific client goals and metrics. 

Have a portfolio with samples of all types of content that you can create for future clients. This portfolio doesn’t need its own page on your website. Instead, you can incorporate a call-to-action (CTA) that lets clients reach out to you directly to see the portfolio. 

If possible, try to collect detailed testimonials from satisfied clients and include those on your website. 

Building all of this might take a considerable amount of time and effort on your part. You can be confident, however, that collecting and formatting these case studies is an investment that will pay off in the long run. 

Perseverance Will Ensure Your Agency's Success

Perseverance is the key to success in the world of content marketing. With careful planning, you can ensure that a small budget does not hinder your company’s growth. 

With the digital boom expected to continue in the coming years, now is the best time to set foot in the world of content marketing. With the instructions in this article, you will be able to grow your small business into a successful content marketing agency. 

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