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How to Create a Whiteboard Video

August 14, 2018

by Victor Blasco

Founder & CEO, Yum Yum Videos

Whiteboard videos help explain complex products in an engaging, entertaining way that keeps your audience's attention.

Video is the most engaging type of content: It generates 1200% more shares on social media than text and images combined. It also influences consumers’ desire to purchase; shoppers who watch videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers.

With all that competition for your audience’s attention, you need to step up to the challenge. That is where whiteboard videos come in to explain your product’s benefits to prospective clients but, at the same time, entertain them with an appealing story with interesting characters.

In fact, any explainer video style can do that, but sometimes the use of the whiteboard animation technique is not just an option but a must to get the results you want; if your product is complex and you need a little more time to explain it, a whiteboard video can be the best choice.

This article will tell you step-by-step how your company can create the perfect whiteboard video.

What Is a Whiteboard Video?

A whiteboard video is an animation technique that mimics a real learning situation in a mostly black-and-white and hand-drawn video.

Whiteboard video example

The main advantage of these types of videos is that it brings educational value without losing your audience’s attention.

In fact, using this style, there is an average 15% increase in remembering information compared to ordinary talking-head videos. If you combine that educational approach with an engaging story, you’ll create an unbeatable video.

This will give you a head start, especially if you need to explain complex products in an easy and fun way.

Whiteboard videos are highly engaging and interesting, and people learn things better and faster when they’re interested and entertained.

How to Craft the Perfect Whiteboard Video

You will compete with hundreds of marketing videos. In social media, your video even has to beat your audience’s friends and family’s videos in their news feed.

So, how can you stand out among the competition? Creating a quality video is a must, so here are some tips to achieve the best results:

1. Write a Great Script

The first step in creating a perfect whiteboard video is to write a script that will lay the foundation for the whole process. Take your time to do it right.

You will need a character who will represent your target audience. Try to imagine if it should be a woman or a man. How does he/she dress? What does he/she sound like?

Once you have created your character, he/she will be the one who drives your story forward by experiencing a problem (your audience’s pain point). Then, your product will help him/her solve this issue. This kind of marketing plot has three key moments:

  • The what: First, you need to show clearly what problem your product solves. This way, you will quickly grab the audience's interest and keep their attention.
  • The how: Now that they know what problem you solve, you will need to show how your product can help them. In general, it is at this moment when your logo will appear.
  • The why: It is time to sell. Tell your target audience why your product is the best choice in the market to solve their problem.

For example, our company, Yum Yum Videos, created a whiteboard video for software company Spigit that explains the problem in the first 30 seconds – many great ideas go unnoticed because people favor the popular ideas or their boss’s ideas, a concept called “herd behavior.”

Then, the company’s logo shows up, beginning the second part — the how — in which we show how Spigit’s software can solve that problem. Spigit uses an algorithm and crowdsourcing that helps companies fight off herd behavior.

Spigit whiteboard video

About one minute in, we explain how this particular software is more effective than traditional methods to evaluate ideas. Every idea gets equal exposure, so “no herd can ever dominate.”

2. Elicit Emotions

A great narrative structure is useless if it doesn’t bring out emotions.

Your characters need to show how they feel when struggling with their problem and how this changes when they enjoy the benefits of your product. Remember that they represent your target audience, who will connect with these emotions and, as a result, with your brand.

For example, this product helps customers by monitoring seniors’ behaviors in order to keep them safe and also independent.

CarePredict Whiteboard Video

This video shows not only the emotions of the daughter – who represents the target audience – but also how the product will improve her relationship with her mother.

Adding facial expressions and icons, you can express what the characters are feeling so that your viewer can connect with them.

3. Draw a Storyboard

This pre-production tool shows in still images what the video will be like frame-by-frame.

Whiteboard video pre-production

Similar to a cartoon, the storyboard allows us to see what the camera will show in each shot before we start the production stage.

4. Include a Drawing Hand

Years ago, these types of videos were shot with a real artist drawing the story in front of the camera. Now, everything is digital, but the real hand remains to give a human touch to the video.

Whiteboard video drawing hand

Using a black marker, you will develop the story in front of your audience’s eyes, making these videos an intriguing and entertaining experience.

5. Add a Splash of Color

It seems obvious, but keep in mind that the background of your video should be white; that is why they are called whiteboard videos!

So, how do you brand a black-and-white video? You add colors. Don’t add too much, just a hint of your brand’s colors in strategic places to accentuate your message or highlight some points.

The keyword here is balance. Remember the classic elements that make the whiteboard video, but make it your own.

Use one or two colors instead of making a full-color video or else you will completely lose the style of the whiteboard animation.

6. Connect Your Drawings

A professional whiteboard video needs to be planned as a whole because every scene needs to be connected with the next one.

Remember that whiteboard videos are actually telling a story by drawing it in front of the viewers’ eyes, and it needs to flow in order to maintain their attention.

For example, the UK Parliment uses a map to unify its drawings to explain its general election system.

UK General Election Whiteboard Video

There are a lot of connection techniques, such as this map. If the UK Parliament can explain its general election system in a fun and entertaining way, your product can, too.

A professional video production company will choose the right connection technique to ensure the proper flow of the video.

Create a Successful Whiteboard Video

A whiteboard video will tell a story in which a character has a problem and your product will help him/her to solve it. This story should focus on your audience’s pain points and how your product will improve their lives. Don’t forget to show your character’s emotions before and after enjoying your product.

Whiteboard videos are especially suitable for complex products that need some more time to be fully explained because they offer an engaging, educational approach. Remember that people learn things better and faster when they’re interested and entertained.

Keep it simple using the three classic elements of this style: a white background, human hand, and connected drawings. Add a hint of your brand’s colors, and your video is ready to shine on the web.

About the Author

Headshot of Victor Blasco

Víctor Blasco is the founder and CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. He is also an audiovisual designer and video marketing expert.

Aside from running the business, he loves studying Chinese philosophy and is a real geek for science fiction films and comics! The force is strong with this one.

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